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How Successful Trades can Spoil Your Profitable Party?

We always try to keep the messages short and crisp like a skirt i.e. short enough to cover everything and still be able to arouse the interest.

Now we come to main part of this post which is to put on you on a caution if you have achieved successful trades. Just remember that success is a trickster – It makes a fool out of all of us – if you let it.  When I make an above statement for the traders I want to say that a successful trader in his or her infancy starts believing that he or she is more gifted than you really are.

All of us make such a mistake and same has been committed by me also. In my 20s, I was extremely successful in stock market trading and same was visible when I returned home with bag ful of cookies bought from the profit earned. It appeared like an Alchemist as whichever stock I bought became a multibagger and a sense of Euphoria starting getting in me which led to a lethargy on my part while undertaking the trades. 

After a while, you actually believe your own publicity, and you believe that everything you do turns to gold. I never realised that I actually got into the market at the right time when it had just entered the bullish phase and it led to a profit in each trade I entered. The success was getting better of me as I was having a great income. Unfortunately for me it was not a never ending success story and I lost a large chunk of profit earned by virtue of few bad trades.

Well, I got my lesson before I was on the verge of losing my complete wealth earned from the market and the failure was my best teacher and I can say that the most dangerous thing in the world for a trader or as a matter of fact as an entrepreneur, is to NOT experience failure.

Bill Gates puts it extremely well when he says: “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose” and thus while trading you have to make sure that success should not get to your head else it will take more than you have made in the market as at the end of the day market is supreme and we all are lesser mortals who have to follow the trend and not to fight it.

With this as a backdrop we started our journey in the world of research and became an acclaimed research house as we learnt from our mistakes and never let it repeat and this is the reason our Jackpot Tip is the most sought after subscription plan.

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