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4 Reliable Patterns to Trade to Make Money

It is very easy to undertake the postmortem i.e once the event is over. 

However, as a trader we must keep an eye on following patterns as it can give us more than 80% positive results if seen accompanied with indicators with most important being the volumes. 

Is Govt Looting General Public?

A Builder purchases 1000 sqm land in Goa for 1.5 cr. 

Economics of Government : 

Land purchase + Stamp duty + Registration + is 8 % = 8,00,000/-

Construction cost for 1000sqm SBA is 1300 × 20,000 = 2.6 cr

Sanctioned plan :

Cost for Architect plan @3% ( 7.8 lac) + RCC @2% (5.2 lac) of construction cost +  infrastructure tax @200sqm (2.6 lac) + overheads  which is = 

Land cost 1.5 cr
Stamp paper 8 lac
Plan 7.8 lac 
RCC 5.2 lac 
Tax 2.6 lac 
Mis 5 lac 

Total = 1.8 cr 

Builder has 13 apartments each 100sqm 

Each costing 45 lacs 

Flat Purchaser pays 45 lac + GST + Stamp Duty + Registration

GST 5.6 lac 
SD 1.35 lac 
Reg 90 thousand

Builder pays 1% VAT on 45 lac 

Total 8.3 lac

Per apartment sale government makes 8.3 lacs 

13 apartments × 8.3 lacs = 1.8 cr 

Builder had already paid ₹ 45 lac
Income tax for land purchase amount of 1.5 Cr.


Land owner who sold land to builder paid approx 10 lac for capital gain to Government. 

All in this process after construction work was completed Builder earned profit 

Sale of 13 apartments 

13 × 45 lac = 5.85 Cr

Cost of construction 
1300 × 20000          = 2.6 cr 
Land cost
Architect RCC etc   = 1.8 cr 

Total.                        = 4.4 
Revenue                   = 5.85 

Profit                        =  1.45 cr 

After tax 1.45 cr - 30% = 1 cr 

Final economics: 

Builder earned 1 cr after working for 3 years selling off all his 13 units. 

Government earned

From vendor 10 lac 
From 13 unit sale by adding GST, VAT, Stamp Duty, Registeration 1.8cr 
From builder as IT 48 lacs 

Total 10 lac + 1.8 cr + 48 lacs 

Government earns 2.38 cr on zero investment 

In the minds of public builders are looting People.

This is economics of current situation


Height of all,

Profession tax , fringe benefit tax of staff , free gifts to Govt officials... I am already tired of calculations. 

Just remember Govt is your partner holding more than 75% shares without any investment.

This the ground reality of our tax structure.

Is Customer Liable for Loss due to Banks Negligence?

So far, under OLD rules, banks used to make Customer liable for all the transaction carried out (Genuine or fraudulent) until the time of reporting of loss of card / fraudulent transaction.

Now (in fact, from 6-July-2017), RBI has circulated NEW RULES. These apply for all card (Debit/ Credit / prepaid), Netbanking,  e-Wallets / Payment Bank Account, fund transfer Transactions. Here is the quick summary:

1. Customer MUST be notified of every Transaction via SMS AND ALSO email.

2. Customer liability is ZERO, If there is a security lapse / shortfall or negelgence of the bank system / process, IRRESPECTIVE , whether customer has reported the loss or not.

3. Customer liability is ZERO, if the loss / fraudulent transaction is reported in 3 WORKING days, EXCLUDING the day of receiving Transaction notification / intimation / communication by the bank.

4. If the loss / fraudulent transaction is reported in 4 to 7 working days, MAXIMUM liability of the customer is 10,000 (TEN Thousand only) for most of the cases / Account / card holders (i.e. up to 5 lakhs) and max 25,000 for all other.

Full circular is here:
 https://m.rbi.org (dot)in//scripts/notificationuser.aspx?Id=11040&mode=0
(Remember to replace word dot with actual)

That's really a very big relief. Personally I feel so protected now.

PS : please share with your friends and spread the awareness.

SBI Account Holders, These Rules, Charges Changes which need to be monitored

In a recent move, SBI has completely waived off account closure charges for some accounts, effective October 1.

rom October 1 onwards, customers of SBI savings account will pay lower charges for not maintaining minimum average balance. SBI has also removed charges for account closure in some cases. Also, old cheques of SBI's associate banks, which were merged with SBI, stands invalid from October 1. Earlier, SBI in a Twitter post had said that account holders of State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Raipur, State Bank of Travancore, State Bank of Hyderabad and Bhartiya Mahila Bank will have to apply for the new cheque books. Old IFS codes of the associate bank branches will also be invalid.

In a recent move, SBI has completely waived off account closure charges for some accounts, effective October 1. In a Twitter post, SBI said that closure of regular savings account on conversion to basic savings bank account, which earlier used to attract a charge of Rs. 500 plus GST of 18 per cent, will be nil from October 1, 2017. Similarly, savings accounts closed on settlement of deceased depositors, will also be exempt from charges with effect from October 1. SBI had levied a charge of Rs. 500 plus GST earlier.

Earlier, if you closed a savings account in SBI after one year of opening it, it used to attract a charge of Rs. 500 plus GST. But from October 1, there will be nil charges for this service, SBI said in a twitter post.

SBI also reduced the monthly average balance (MAB) requirement for metro cities - from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 3,000 - and slashed charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance by up to 50 per cent effective today. SBI further said that savings accounts of pensioners, beneficiaries of social benefits from the government and the accounts of minors will be exempt from maintaining monthly average balance from today.

Earlier, the charges for non-maintenance of minimum account balance in metro accounts used to range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 plus GST of 18 per cent. Now, these charges stand reduced to Rs. 30-Rs. 50.

For urban branch accounts also SBI has cut the charges for non-maintenance of monthly average balance to Rs. 30-Rs. 50, from Rs. 40-Rs. 80 earlier. SBI has also reduced charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance in semi-urban and rural accounts to Rs. 20-Rs. 40. Earlier, SBI charged between Rs. 25 and Rs. 75 for semi-urban account and Rs. 20-Rs. 50 for rural accounts.

The monthly average balance requirement for other three categories of accounts - urban, semi-urban and rural branches - stands unchanged at Rs. 3,000, Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 1,000 respectively, according to SBI.

A Systematic Plan to Increase Petrol Price without Janta Raising Eyebrow

Increase in Petrol price for your kind notice

01/August/2017 -₹67.71
02/August/2017 -₹67.78
03/August/2017 -₹68.02
04/August/2017 -₹68.34
05/August/2017 -₹68.64
06/August/2017 -₹68.88
07/August/2017 -₹69.03
08/August/2017 -₹69.13
09/August/2017 -₹69.20
10/August/2017 -₹69.35
11/August/2017 -₹69.68
12/August/2017 -₹69.92
13/August/2017 -₹70.19
14/August/2017 -₹70.40
15/August/2017 -₹70.53
16/August/2017 -₹70.59
17/August/2017 -₹70.70
18/August/2017 -₹70.76
19/August/2017 -₹70.83
20/August/2017 -₹70.85
21/August/2017 -₹71.01
22/August/2017 -₹71.15
23/August/2017 -₹71.22
24/August/2017 -₹71.37
25/August/2017 -₹71.51
26/August/2017 -₹71.52
27/August/2017 -₹71.56
28/August/2017 -₹71.60
29/August/2017 -₹71.62
30/August/2017 -₹71.62
31/August/2017 -₹71.66
01/September/2017 -₹71.78
02/September/2017 -₹71.95
02/September/2017 -₹72.58
03/September/2017 -₹72.08
04/September/2017 -₹72.20
05/September/2017 -₹72.25
06/September/2017 -₹72.25
07/September/2017 -₹72.34
08/September/2017 -₹72.44
09/September/2017 -₹72.58
10/September/2017 -₹72.73
11/September/2017 -₹72.87
12/September/2017 -₹72.95
13/September/2017 -₹72.95
22/September/2017 -₹74.82

Good technique to increase petrol price.  No one is knowing  that petrol prices are increasing. What an idea sir ji.

Please share it so that this message becomes an eye opener for the public.....

We call on the govt to bring petroleum products under GST regime. 

Stock which can give 100% Return in Two Years

This is the chart of ITI stock and one can consider investment in the stock as a systematic plan to get hefty returns. 

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