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6 Cities Trading Maximum in Stock Market

An ananlysis has been conducted which suggests that maximum turnover
at NSE and BSE is coming from below cities as given in the screenshot

Banks can be held Liable if "No Cash in ATM"

Can a Bank be held deficient in services if its ATM does not dispense Cash for the reason"Cash not available"?

A consumer Court  in Raipur has recently imposed a penalty of Rs.2500.00 on SBI for exactly the same reason overruling the arguments of SBI that 

1) the complainant was not its customer and 

2) failure of internet connectivity is not within its ambit, rather it is upon the internet service provider against whom, any complaint if any, should lie.

The Form countered SBI by saying that when Banks are charging for usage of ATMs for a whole year in advance and a client is Free to use any ATM he automatically becomes a customer.

The second point was countered with the reasoning that when the ATM itself was showing"No Cash Available" on 3 different dates and times how it can be a case of internet failure? 

Moreover, when customers are penalised for no balance or less than minimum balance in their accounts, how can a Bank get away with no cash in the ATM?

It being the first such judgement for ATM failure it is expected to generate a lot of interest in the matter.

The incident happened in May 2017 , complained filed in June 2017 and the verdict was passed recently.

TCS Buyback Strategy worth checking

Just check below excel sheet screenshot and see if you can benefit from TCS Buyback.

Speakers to be adjusted in religious institutes and avoid blaring

Do You Know Tyres have Expiry Date?

I called my driver yesterday and asked, "how many years does a tyre stay before it expires"? 

He looked at me like an alien from Mars, an expression that seemed to ask in awe,  "does a tyre ever expire"?

Yet he's been driving professionally for over 15 years!

Every tyre has an expiry date after which it is supposed to be replaced , lest it risks a blow-out!

The life span of a tyre from the date of manufacture is four years.

Now, how do you know the date a tyre was manufactured? 

It is written on the tyre as four digits!

The first two digits represent the week, while the last two is the year of manufacture. 

Please note that the four digits stand alone, not added to any alphabet. Some manufacturers place the asterics sign (*) before and after the four digits, while others simply encycle it.

So, 1612 means that the tyre was manufactured on the 16th week (last week of April) in the year 2012. The tyre will therefore expire on the 16th week of 2016.

You may therefore buy a "brand new" tyre which has since EXPIRED or just about to expire!  

Some manufacturers however don't state the date of manufacture on their tyres, breaching the estacode thereof. This is common among the "Made in China" brands. 

Buying a tyre devoid of manufacturing  date is a kin to swallowing a pill without an expiry date. I think it's even worse, because the expired drug can only hurt you, while a burst tyre puts the life of ALL the occupants of the vehicle in jeopardy! 

So now that you know, take the pain, bend down, check the date of manufacture of your tyre and do the needful.

FIFA Schedule : 2018

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