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Which Bank is Offering Lowest Home Loan Rate of Interest?

This is probably first time in India that higher Cibil score is being given importance while granting the home loand and a higher Cibil score can get you a lower rate of interest.

We are talking in reference to Bank of Baroda (BoB) which has slashed home loan rates by 70 basis points to 8.35 per cent. This is applicable for customers having a strong Cibil scores. At 8.35 per cent, the rate is lower than industry leader SBI’s 8.5 per cent offer.

A BoB official said a customer with a Cibil score of 760 and above will be offered the lowest rate of 8.35 per cent. For those with a lower Cibil score rate would be higher, up to 100 basis points.

So, if you have been looking to cash in on your higher Cibil score now is the time to make a switch. Do check the switching cost from the bank. You can check the ways to improve the Cibil score here.

BSE IPO Update

Bombay Stock Exchange is launching its Initial Public Offering which would open for subscription from Jan 23, 2017.

The price band and bid lot for the IPO is already fixed and the IPO is ready to go live The objects of the offer (OFS) are:

1. To achieve the benefits of listing the equity shares on NSE and
2. For the sale of equity shares by the selling shareholders.

The company will not receive any proceeds of the offer and all the proceeds of the offer will go to the selling shareholders in the proportion of the equity shares offered by them.


No listing of peer company has undertaken so far and thus a correct analysis for the price can not be drawn. However, we intend Not going in for the stock as it is asking for a higher priceand moreover BSE is a waning exchange. NSE is also likely to come with an IPO and we would like to bid for that IPO.

You can see live BSE Sensex Chart here.

2017 : Brokerage Houses Long Term Bets

Just remember that these are only guidelines and one need to access their own risk profile before venturing in any stock. Get Free Stock Market Tips by filling your email in subscription box.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio : Year 2017 with Returns

Always remember that following top people in stock market may not be a correct way of going in the market as a person of stature like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also not happy with his performance in market for past 2 years. Have a look of his portfolio as in year 2017.

Can Bhim App Challenge Paytm?

We are of the opinion the Bhim app which has been launched in digital mela by Prime Minister can give a tough fight to Paytm or Mobikwik or Freecharge etc. BHIM App has been named after Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar who transformed India with social reforms and his vast knowledge in Finance and Law.

BHIM leverages the power of UPI and USSD into one, which enables the user to optimally utilize single platform for all his cashless needs. Thus, if a user has bank accounts in three UPI enabled banks, then BHIM will converge all his banking activities, and enable him to conduct cashless transactions without hassles. The single @UPI payment address will protect his identity and personal details. The interoperability aspect makes it a big deal, compared to other e-wallets, which basically replaces your physical wallet with a digital one. But BHIM directly connects the bank accounts with a safe platform, thereby saving you time and hassles of maintaining multiple wallets.

Why we think so that Bhim app will give a tough fight to Paytm is that it has the ability to work without Internet. *99# program for conducting cashless transactions is being supported by BHIM, which makes it a deal-clencher. Only Paytm provides Internet-less cashless transactions, but that feature is not that robust, considering that you need Internet to link the bank accounts, and to infuse funds. But with BHIM, a non-smartphone user can transact from the word go.

Finger-print based cashless transactions: Once the merchant connects a bio-metric device with his smartphone (after installing BHIM app), then he can easily accept payments from buyers by using their finger-print. The Aadhaar protocol kicks in here, as the fingerprint is directly matched from the main server, and the payment is done. This facility is right now not available on any e-wallet, which makes BHIM a superior technological product, compared to any other e-wallet. Rural citizens who are don’t even know how to read and write can easily, seamlessly pay via BHIM, using their bank account. In a way, BHIM effortlessly connects the Aadhaar card, mobile phone and UPI/USSD technologies to provide a digital platform for making and receiving payments. Till now, BHIM can be described as the Govt. biggest, most ambiguous project for promoting cashless payments.

All the credit goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving the digital push post demonetisation.

Is "Do Nothing" a Trading Strategy?

At times being away from the market is also a strategy and one should not feel that he is missing market action as every day trading opportunity exists.

Thus, do nothing is also a trading strategy as always buy, sell or hold does not have any substance and we need to have the requisite patience to trade like a shikari.

If market is not showing you the right signal, it is better to stay away from the market instead of becoming a compulsive trader in the market and lose money. Remember that market tests your patience and aim should be to trade less but trade accurately and make smart money in the market. Also to become an expert in market do remember to learn wave chart marking to better comprehend the chart.

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