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Which Sector is in Uptrend Now to Make Money?

As we have repeatedly stated that one can make money in stock market by just being vigilant in the market and just identify the sector which is in uptrend and find the leader in that stock and then go for it with a strict stop loss.

Till now tyre industry was in the uptrend and now cement sector is the flavour of the month and these sectors keep changing and thus you have to be dynamic in the approach. Check best tyre stock to buy to make money.

Have a look at leaders in the cement sector and names of ACC, Ambuja cement comes to the forefront. We had earlier covered that why India Cement will show an upmove now and readers have benefitted with the trading strategy. Have a look at the stock charts which will show you that cement industry is on the up move. We present below the screenshots for ACC and Gujarat Ambuja cement for you to see how uptrend remains in force. As you can see that ACC is in uptrend with support as 1269. 

Gujarat Ambuja cement stock is between the support at rupee 200 and the resistance is at rupee 211. A definitive break through of one of these levels predicts the new direction and thus one has to be dynamic following the breakout stocks. Break of 200 level means that stock will find resistance at 190 level.
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India Cement Stock Price Celebrating Srinivasan Booting

India Cement to Buy or Sell:-

It appears that Indian stock traders are rejoicing the booting of Srinivasan from BCCI  as stock chart never lies. They feel that now Srinivasan will be able to give more time to the company. Well it needs to be seen but for the time being stock is in uptrend since Srinivasan has been booted out of the Cricket board of India courtesy Supreme court of India.

As we can see that India Cements Limited has broken the resistance at the level of 62 and now it is going to be a rock solid support. The stock is overall assessed as technically positive for the medium long term. In its uptrend stock can target 70, 80 and 90 levels.

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How to Make Money Trading AmaraRaja Batteries?

Amararaja batteries whether to buy or sell can be seen in the light that the said company was earlier a leader in batteries in Southern part of India and now it has wrest its control in all over the country and one will find its batteries being sold even in the remotest of the remote part of India. Moreover it has some exclusive tie ups with Indian Army also to supply batteries for their vehicles.

Have a look at the below screenshot which will tell you the reason that why AmaraRaja Batteries can touch 460 mark and remember to buy it as a systematic plan and if you really want to make money with short term holding stocks then must check this link.

The key triggers for it are as listed below:
  • The increase in four wheeler segment which caters for 70% of its revenue.
  • Installation of white label ATMs and regular ATMS by banks.
  • Growth in telecom segment is going to increase its sales.
Besides above triggers we see that Amara Raja Batteries stock is within a rising trend and it shows that a continued growth will be maintained in the stock. 

All those who get into the stock can remain invested in the stock with stop loss as 359. The stock is overall assessed as technically positive for the medium long term as the factors post formation of a stable govt in India is going to act as a catalyst for its growth as economy is now going to roll.

How to Trade Hind Zinc to Make Money?

Hind Zinc to Buy or Sell

We always believe in seeing the charts in true perspective as a chart never lie and History repeats itself. We have identified the "Diamond Bottom" chart pattern formation on Hindustan Zinc which has a BSE code as 500188.

This is a pattern which is formed over several months in very active markets. Volume remains high during the formation of this pattern. The Diamond Bottom pattern occurs because prices create higher highs and lower lows in a broadening pattern. Then the trading range gradually narrows after the highs peak and the lows start trending upward. This pattern occurs when prices break upward out of the diamond formation.

Remember to go through the embedded links here as it will provide you with a correct perspective for the stock from technical analysis point of view. You can read more about Diamond bottom formation here.

To get you started on the path to make money we have analysed the Hind Zinc chart for you and it is showing a bullish bias and we see price may rise from 122 to the range of 131-133 levels. In its upward journey it encounters resistance at 125, 133 and 136 level. These are the levels from which stock can reverse.

This pattern is valid if it holds the level of 122 which was a strong resistance for the stock earlier. Any break of 119 level means that stock can fall to the level of 108.

How much time it may take to achieve the target?

We see that Hind Zinc has formed this pattern spread over some 26 days and upward movement to the given level is also likely to take place in the same time period as technical analysis rules and same has been amply explained in diamond bottom chart formation chart in the given link and way it is to be analysed.

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Most Promising Stock in Bullish Market

The country is abuzz with activity that Narendra Modi is going to be the next Prime minister and the Indian market is trading with an upward bias and formed Nifty 6000 mark as a deep support.

We have analysed that the sector which is going to be most favoured in the bullish market is banking sector as this is the sector which is going to be most beaten down sector in times of crisis as money uptake from the market reduces in sluggish economy.

Two stocks from banking sector which will do well with the arrival of Narendra Modi as a PM or in a bullish environment in India are Axis bank and ICICI bank. However remember that this bullishness prevails only till Nifty 6000 mark is not broken. So far so good; if looking to trade daily and want to make money like professional then you can not afford to miss daily intraday stock which finish in 2 hours by 11:30 AM.

Axisbank Trading Startegy

Axis bank is moving between support of 1100 mark and a resistance of 1200 mark and any cross of 1200 mark with volume means that stock is in a bullish zone and one can enter in the stock to be on the long side with SL as 1200. A detailed analysis for Axis Bank Technical View can be read here.

ICICI bank Trading Startegy

ICICI bank is technically slightly positive due to RSI divergence against the price in a positive way, which indicates a possibility for a reaction up and this run up will occur once it crosses 1030 mark with volume and one must exit if it break 1000 level.

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