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Can Stocks be Accumulated with Dividend Perspective in Mind?

Always buy stock with a dividend perspective. This can be a good strategy for retired persons or all those looking for regular dividends. In falling interest regime, it is a good strategy to go for stocks which give good dividend yield. Always arrive at the face value of share before looking at dividend in percentage or look at the dividend yield. Have a look at good dividend yield of stocks. Now, do some research and than enter in the stock as past dividend is no guarantee for future dividend payment.

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Difference Between an Average Investor & Rich Investor

We answer below a few differences between an average investor and a rich investor as it can help you understand the difference of mentality and you can know what all you need to undertake action to get into the league of an elite rich class.
 (Avg Investor): My house is my biggest investment. In India we have a penchant of owning the house and thus we need to first off all explore that whether we will be comfortable without a house.
(Rich Investor): A house is a liability. You can see a video where Robert Kiyosaki considers house as a liability.
(Avg Investor): Diversification reduces risk
(Rich Investor): Diversification is de-worsify-cation (Warren Buffett quotes)
(Avg Investor): Stock market is risky
(Rich Investor): Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing
(Avg Investor): Avoid risk
(Rich Investor): Take more control and manage risk
(Avg Investor): Mutual funds are good investments
(Rich Investor): Mutual funds are good investments when you sell them (That is why big companies sell mutual funds)
PS: If you think mutual funds are not risky, try going to a bank and ask for a loan to buy mutual funds, you'll be laughed out.
(Avg Investor): Real estate never comes down (extremely popular in India)
(Rich Investor): All markets go up and down
(Avg Investor): Saving money is good
(Rich Investor): Saving money pays maximum ~8% before tax, inflation is ~10%, so saving money is a guaranteed loss. (Inflation India 2012)
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How to Start Accepting Money with PAYTM?

The one company which has benefitted most with demonetisation is PAYTM which has acquired a massive client base post demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.

Now retailers are wondering that how they can get started with PAYTM and one can watch the below video and all the doubts will be clarified and whole process does not take much time.

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Which Bank is Offering Lowest Home Loan Rate of Interest?

This is probably first time in India that higher Cibil score is being given importance while granting the home loand and a higher Cibil score can get you a lower rate of interest.

We are talking in reference to Bank of Baroda (BoB) which has slashed home loan rates by 70 basis points to 8.35 per cent. This is applicable for customers having a strong Cibil scores. At 8.35 per cent, the rate is lower than industry leader SBI’s 8.5 per cent offer.

A BoB official said a customer with a Cibil score of 760 and above will be offered the lowest rate of 8.35 per cent. For those with a lower Cibil score rate would be higher, up to 100 basis points.

So, if you have been looking to cash in on your higher Cibil score now is the time to make a switch. Do check the switching cost from the bank. You can check the ways to improve the Cibil score here.

2017 : Brokerage Houses Long Term Bets

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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio : Year 2017 with Returns

Always remember that following top people in stock market may not be a correct way of going in the market as a person of stature like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is also not happy with his performance in market for past 2 years. Have a look of his portfolio as in year 2017.

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