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Easy Way to Ensure Safe Locker Operations

Bank lockerLocker is considered as a safe heaven; but it also entails some precautions at your end to make sure that you do not suffer at the end of the day due to fault at either your end or bank end.

  • Make sure that you open a bank locker with a scheduled bank of RBI and try not to open in any Jhola chaap or Sahkari bank as at the end of the day its your property which can be also stolen from the bank locker. Satisfy yourself that bank you have chosen has sufficient security measures installed like CCTV, alarm system, Iron-gate etc. to safeguard your locker contents.
  • Before signing on the dotted line; make sure that you have read all terms and conditions as banks generally have zero liability in case of any loss due to fire and theft or natural calamity.
  • Preferably visit the locker once in a month and it should not be a shut and forget operation.
  • Gold in ETF is the best form of retaining gold. Avoid keeping physical gold in the bank locker.
  • It is important that you operate the locker once the individual has left the strong room.
  • Make sure to have joint account with your trusted family member or make him/her nominee.
  • Before keeping important documents in locker, keep their their photocopy and/or scanned copy in a separate hard-disk or pen-drive.
  • Make a list of items and photographs you are storing in the locker along with relevant particulars about the locker and store it somewhere safely. Mentioning it to your will document might be a good idea.
  • Double check once you have closed the locker door that it has been closed properly.
  • Keep your locker keys in a safe location and in case of a loss; that bank locker complete lock system will need to be changed by the manufacturer of locking system which can be a big strain on your finances as you are liable to pay for the same.
  • Whenever moving out of the house for long vacation; leave your valuables in the locker to avoid any tension in vacation.
  • Choose a bank with locker near your area of residence to avoid too much of transit between your house and bank.
  • Do not announce you bank locker operation schedule in public.
  • Generally a locker has two key operation where one key is with the bank and second key is with you; however if you desire; you can tell the bank to get you another lock installed into it for added security and peace of mind. However remember that you have to bear the cost of additional lock installation charges.

Just remember that you are the custodian and few precautions at your end will help you to have safe and sound bank locker operations. Do remember to check our sure tip of the day to make money in intraday and fill your lockers with profit.

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