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Best Free Email & SMS Reader on Phone

Email and SMS reader works with all phonesWe are always concerned when we see a person listening to mobile and driving too as it can increase your chances of meeting with an accident by more than 100%. We are below recommending a service which can save numerous lives on the road as driving and reading email or sms can not go together and if it happens than disaster is waiting to happen.

We came across an interesting utility which reads an email and sms, moment it arrives in your phone. It works with all kinds of phones i.e. Nokia, IPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry etc.. You can visit http://www.voiceonthego(dot)com/DriveCarefully/website/ (Just copy paste the url in navigation bar and remove word dot and replace with actual). The name of the application is drivecarefully.

DriveCarefully is a mobile application that automatically reads your email, text and PIN messages aloud while you drive.

how to read email and sms while driving


  • Listen to incoming email
  • Listen to incoming text messages
  • Language detection (English, Spanish, French)
  • Automatic activation with Bluetooth and GPS activity
  • Auto-reply message

It has free and professional service. The free service helps one to execute following tasks namely:

  • Listen to email, text & PIN messages.
  • Automatically reads messages aloud.
  • Hands-free & eyes-free application.
  • Language detection (English, French, Spanish).
  • Activates automatically by GPS.

The professional service helps in addition above tasks as well as below listed tasks:

  • Activates automatically by Bluetooth pairing.
  • Custom auto reply message.
  • Reply to emails by voice.
  • Reply to SMS by voice

Useful Application which gets useful Email to You through SMS

Another application which can be of use is Awayfind which notifies you of important emails on sms. It lets urgent emails cut through the clutter and FIND you...instantly. When you receive a timely message, AwayFind will notify you on your mobile device with an SMS, Voice call or even through their iPhone & Android apps. This tool helps you to get away from the habit of checking the emails 24x7. This is a paid product but it do have a 30 days free trial and credit card is not required for seeking the trial.

AwayFind is a Mobile notifications for priority messages. The email management solution for Gmail and Exchange. You can check Awayfind by visiting http://www.awayfind(dot)com/ (Just copy paste the url in navigation bar and remove word dot and replace with actual)

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