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ICICIdirect Phone Numbers | ICICI Securities Phone Numbers

ICICIdirect Phone Numbers for quick redressal of grievances is as following:

Ahmedabad: 6630 9890
Bangalore: 41131877
Chandigarh: 5055700
Coimbatore: 4358000
Delhi (Mobile): 9818178000
Gujarat: 9898278000
Himachal Pradesh: 9816608000
Jamshedpur: 9934008000
Kerala : 9895478000
Lucknow: 9936218000
Mumbai: 28307777
Patna: 9934008000
Rajasthan: 9829222292
Tamil Nadu: 9894478000
Uttaranchal: 9897308000
Andhra Pradesh: 98495 78000
Bhubaneshwar: 9938488000
Chattisgarh: 9893208000
Cuttack: 9938488000
Darjeeling: 9933008000
Guwahati: 9954108000
Hyderabad: 23128000
Jharkand: 9934008000
Kochi: 9895478000
Madhya Pradesh: 9893208000
Orissa: 9938488000
Pune: 9890478000
Ranchi: 9934008000
UP East: 9936218000
West Bengal: 9933008000
Assam: 9954108000
Bihar: 9934008000
Chennai: 42088000
Delhi: 41718000
Goa: 9890478000
Haryana: 9896178000
Indore: 4022005
Karnataka : 9845578000
Kolkata: 9831378000
Maharashtra: 9890478000
North East: 9862408000
Punjab: 9815558000
Siliguri: 9933008000
UP West: 9897308000

For Service Queries (For quick access to service queries, you may dial 1,1,4,2 once you are connected and hear our welcome message.)

  • Business Hours :  08:00 AM - 08:00 PM (All days of the Week.)
  • For NRIs : +91-22-28307780
  • Business Hours : 08:45 AM - 07:00 PM Indian Standard Time (Monday to Saturday.)

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