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Why 2G Scam Tainted Persons Got Away from Law Clutches?

An intuitive analogy to understand the 2G scam:-

Raja is a shopkeeper who sells bread. He is the only bread seller in the entire city, and everybody who wants to make sandwiches has to buy bread from him. That sounds like a fine job.

This bread is used around the city to make sandwiches. Now, consumers love sandwiches. They are ready to pay a lot of money to buy sandwiches. This must be a good news for Raja, right? Because he is sitting on the entire supply of bread in the town, and many people want to buy that bread.

If you were Raja, what would you do? Goddamn it! Sell it at a high price! Conduct an auction! Whoever pays the most gets the bread. It makes sense, right? Because you want to make money from it.

But, alas, Raja's ancestors had written an old rule-book, in which they had written an archaic rule saying two things -

Whoever comes first will get the bread; and
The price of bread will be fixed
Now, where is the fun in that! Raja is clearly disappointed with this. And then he got a brilliant idea. He called his friend, and this happened:

Raja: Dude, you know what?

Friend: What?

Raja: I am selling bread, and whoever comes first will get all the bread. And the price of that bread is nominal. Do you want it?

Friend: Dude, I can't be at your shop at 4 AM before others, so thanks, but I'll pass! I can't really win this stupid first-come-first-serve rule.

Raja: You've always been an idiot. I am not telling you to wake up and come before others and wait for the window to open. Don't you get it? I am going to tell you in advance when the window will open. You just need to pretend as if you don't know me, and behave as if you were the first one to come. And then, I'll give you the bread. Sounds doable, right?

Friend: Okay, even if we assume that we can do this, what in the world will I do with bread! I am not a sandwich maker, why do I need bread?

Raja: Are you insane, don't you see how valuable bread is? Because freaking everyone wants sandwiches. The man who has the bread, has the money. Don't you see it, idiot?

Friend: Okay, but even if I get the bread, I don't even know how to make sandwiches! I mean, it is stupid to apply for bread because people don't want bread, they want sandwiches (of which, I know nothing!)

Raja: Dude, you can always sell the bread to the actual sandwich makers. Look, you are getting this bread from me at a nominal cost of ₹5, whereas there are people ready to buy it at prices as high as ₹50! So, just get it from me and sell it. Who told you to make sandwiches? Just sell the bread and pocket the money. How is this not obvious to you?

Friend: Oh, that is amazing dude. Where do I sign up?

This is what was alleged in the 2G scam.

Spectrum was allotted on first-come-first-serve basis, but the deadlines were manipulated in order to give the licences to some particular firms. These firms were not even in the business of telecom, and later they simply exited the market by selling their business to the actual telecom operators at a very high price. Ultimately, the spectrum was sold at the market price, but the gains were pocketed not by the government, but by the middle men.

Was this a scam? You bet it was!

The problem was not that there was no scam. CBI judge OP Saini simply said that there was not enough evidence. To a judge, evidence matters. Circumstantial evidences are not enough. The Rascals got away.

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