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What You Can Achieve in 5 Years?

If you say 5 years is too less to achieve anything substantial.

Here is what Sher Shah Suri achieved in 5 years and 5 days (1540-1545). And he suceeded Mughal king Humayun.

1. Started the measurement and survey of all land holdings in the kingdom. Intoduced the measure "Gaj" which corresponds to 39 inches.

2. Started the "Patta" system for sale purchase of land.

3. Introduced the currency called "Rupya" (Rupee) which was a silver coin weighing 178 "Ratti". One Rupya was equal to 64 "Daam" which was later called "Aana".

4. Created 47 "Jilla" (districts) which were called "Sarkaar". Each Sarkaar had a Military officer and a Civilian officer like today's SP and DM.

5. Agricultural land was classified into the categories of Good, Average and Poor according to yield.The 'Lagaan' was determined accordingly.

6. Farmers were granted the facility of Agricultural loan called "Takavi".

7. Business tax was simplified into Entry tax when goods entered the Kingdom (Customs tax) and when they were sold (Sales tax).

8. Formed the "Cabinet system" of ruling with seperate ministers for Finance, Defence, Foreign affairs and Communications.

9. Instead of "Jamindari" system brought in "Rayatvari" system. While Jamindari was dynastic, in Rayatdari an officer was appointed like IAS.

10. Revenue courts were established in every 'Sarkar' where "Munsif" (DM of today) used to officiate as a Judge.

11. Every Sarkar also had a Criminal court where "Shikdar" (SP of today) used to officiate as a Judge.

12. Started new systems in Military. Horses were branded to identify them permanently. Records of soliders were maintained and they were assigned to a unit (Regiment system).

13. Constructed 1700 "Sarai" (Resting places) along the highways.

14. Started a Postal service.

15. Constructed GT road from Peshawar to Sonargaon, about 3000 km. long.

16. Constructed highways from Agra to Jodhpur, Agra to Burhanpur, Lahore to Multan.

17. Got Fruit yielding and Shadow giving trees along all highways.

18. Put the onus of the safety of travellers on the villages en route. If a traveller was robbed either the village produced the robber or it compensated the traveller. The onus of protection of traveller's life was on the village head. Either the culprit had to be handed over or the village head was punished. These measures made travelling quite safe for businessmen and others.

19. Constructed the Old fort of Delhi, Rohtasgarh fort and many other buildings.

20. Erected lamp post at every "Kos" on the highways to guide the travellers at night.

21. And he managed to achieve all this while fighting wars for 31 months out of 60 months reign!!!

---- so don't say not much can be done in 5 years

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