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Is it Right Time to Stop Flying Indigo Airlines?

*The Indigo atrocity: who is responsible?*

Ans: *You and me,* the customers.


✓ Indigo is the first airline to reduce the free luggage from 25 kg to 15 kg. *We did nothing. The DGCA also did nothing to protect the passengers' interests*.

✓ It is also the first to reduce the hand luggage from 10 kg to 7 kg. *We did nothing. Again the DGCA also did nothing*.

✓ It is the first airline to sell food inside the flight at exorbitant rates. I can understand if it does not provide free food to cut costs, but then it should not sell food. (Because the idea of stopping free food is also to reduce the plane's weight. Then by selling the same food plane's weight is not reduced at all.). We didnt protest it. 

✓ It intentionally recruits stewardesses who weigh less, so that it can save on their weights. This is not a joke. Compare their stewardesses with that of their competitors; Indigo saves at least 10 kg per stewardess, thus 40 kg per flight. All this is sold you. All those Women's rights people did nothing too.

Up to this, all these steps are not illegal, only unethical. Now for the real illegal stuff:

✓ Surge pricing. I am yet to see one law that permits an industry to charge two identically placed consumers differently. This is blatant discrimination. We swallowed it meekly. 

✓ Selling seats inside the plane at different rates. First row, Row 12 & 13 are costlier. Why? Because we did not protest it and Indigo can get away with it. *If Indigo is in dire need of money, let it introduce a Business Class or a First Class*. No, it wont. Because then it has to provide larger seats and more facilities. *Its aim is to loot us more for the same service, without providing more*. 

At this rate, I wont be surprised if the oxygen masks drop down only to those passengers who pay a little bit extra. We wont even protest that, and the DGCA will continue to get their salary and do nothing.

And now this attack on a passenger. The whistleblower was dismissed, and the two would-be murderers were retained. Even here, at first, Indigo tried to justify the muderous attack through a planted news item in that paper very good for wrapping samosas, the Times of India. *Only when the public fury came in full force did the "management" apologize". Even then it did not reinstate the whistleblower employee back to job.* It should have published the names of the employees involved, paid their lawful dues and dismissed them and published the dismissal order. Have they done it? No. They know we are fools who dont care for each other. 

Enough is enough. Citizens, *boycott Indigo for one day, and tell its robber barons that we d care about our fellow passengers.* 

Since most of you might have boked your tickets, lets choose a day a fortnight ahead. Say 25th November.

Teach them a lesson they will never forget. Hit them where it pains - in their wallets. 

Or ignore this message and carry on. And get ready to face even more arrogant Indigo and its even more brutal employees.

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