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A Systematic Plan to Increase Petrol Price without Janta Raising Eyebrow

Increase in Petrol price for your kind notice

01/August/2017 -₹67.71
02/August/2017 -₹67.78
03/August/2017 -₹68.02
04/August/2017 -₹68.34
05/August/2017 -₹68.64
06/August/2017 -₹68.88
07/August/2017 -₹69.03
08/August/2017 -₹69.13
09/August/2017 -₹69.20
10/August/2017 -₹69.35
11/August/2017 -₹69.68
12/August/2017 -₹69.92
13/August/2017 -₹70.19
14/August/2017 -₹70.40
15/August/2017 -₹70.53
16/August/2017 -₹70.59
17/August/2017 -₹70.70
18/August/2017 -₹70.76
19/August/2017 -₹70.83
20/August/2017 -₹70.85
21/August/2017 -₹71.01
22/August/2017 -₹71.15
23/August/2017 -₹71.22
24/August/2017 -₹71.37
25/August/2017 -₹71.51
26/August/2017 -₹71.52
27/August/2017 -₹71.56
28/August/2017 -₹71.60
29/August/2017 -₹71.62
30/August/2017 -₹71.62
31/August/2017 -₹71.66
01/September/2017 -₹71.78
02/September/2017 -₹71.95
02/September/2017 -₹72.58
03/September/2017 -₹72.08
04/September/2017 -₹72.20
05/September/2017 -₹72.25
06/September/2017 -₹72.25
07/September/2017 -₹72.34
08/September/2017 -₹72.44
09/September/2017 -₹72.58
10/September/2017 -₹72.73
11/September/2017 -₹72.87
12/September/2017 -₹72.95
13/September/2017 -₹72.95
22/September/2017 -₹74.82

Good technique to increase petrol price.  No one is knowing  that petrol prices are increasing. What an idea sir ji.

Please share it so that this message becomes an eye opener for the public.....

We call on the govt to bring petroleum products under GST regime. 

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