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Is GST that bad as depicted in social media?

As expected, the liberals in social media criticize GST on day one...  Few myths and fallacies require to be demolished to prevent wrong and mischievous propaganda..

1.  Many Regional TV channels and few intellectuals post the copy of restaurant bills to show GST has increased the bill amount..  this is absolutely untrue and wrong propaganda against Govt..

Taxes until yesterday - 14.5% VAT, 5.6% ST, 0.2% Swach Bharath tax, .2% Krishi Kalyan tax - a total of 20.5%. 

All these individual taxes have been done away with and has been replaced by a blanket tax of 18% now (still 2.5% cheaper than earlier)

I also see social media posts rubbishing State GST & Central GST. Note that the 18% GST is split as 9% State GST and 9% Central GST. We pay nothing extra. 

2.  I also see many posts that India has GST rate of 28% which is the highest amongst all the countries in the world...  Again, misinformation
only to cast aspersion on the rulers..

28% tax is the highest slab and not applied @28% across board... 75% of items have 12% slab, there are many items at 0% and 5%..  Unfortunately, the memes and posts of the idiots getting forwarded and debated in social media as if India has the highest rate..

3.  Congress released video of NaMo's speech against GST when he was CM of Gujarat..  it was NDA led by Atalji mooted the idea of GST in 2001...  UPA didn't take it forward immediately, but when they took up GST, State Governments had enough apprehension and consensus was not reached in areas like applicability of GST on petroleum, alcohol, State Governments insisted on assurance through Constitutional amendment to get compensation for implementation of GST...   P Chidambaram did not oblige...  

 Current Government agreed to constitutional amendment, authorised States to charge 1% additional tax for a period of 5 years..

After the change in stand of Central Govt led by Modi, all the States including Governments led by opposition parties agreed to implement GST.. it is not that NDA team made U turn on GST after coming to power..

4. DMK and some of the parties boycotted GST launch at Parliament, Stalin cited that GST is implemented in haste without taking into consideration the views of Traders..  let him understand GST council has been meeting every month, representatives of State Governments only suggested these rates..  Traders' lobby had been taken in to confidence, though they still have reservations.. GST should have been implemented from 1st April, but pushed to July to get other aspects ready..  it was not implemented in haste..  

5.  One Nation, one Tax is reality now..  no more check posts, free movement of commodities across India is possible now... But traders and some less informed people are scared as the tax net is going to widen now..  transparency in business will surely reduce black money as every transaction is going to be accounted now..   black marketers are worried lot, not genuine tax payers.

Libtards and presstitutes should stop misinformation and let us give time to watch the happenings before we jump to conclusions and lastly check this link how to know if anyone is charging fake GST here.

Courtesy and credits : Shri. Kn Murali

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