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Should You Invest in a Lottery to Become Rich?

Many a times people get so gripped by the fact that they want to become rich and in this quest they start taking the lottery route which is a sure shot route to the failure.

Have a look at the analysis done for $7 Million Jackpot which will show you your chances of winning the Jackpot.

Your odds of winning are one in 292 million - that’s 0.0000003425% - and yet there are people who drop $20 per week, every week for forty years or more hoping one day it will be their turn. That same money invested from ages 20 to 60 would be worth $300k on their 60th birthday, even with the most conservative market estimates. Or another way to look at it - you could turn $40k into $300k simply by not playing the lottery.

So, our advise to all those into the habit of  the wasting money in lottery should avoid doing so and instead concentrate on using the money and let it lie doggo and let power of compounding work on it and you can retire early in life or alternatively use our Jackpot tips and you will be sitting with profit almost every day in the market.

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