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Jackpot Tip : Dec 2015 Jackpot Tip Name with Tgt

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Stock Name
Rec Rate
Tgt 2
Bhartiartl Sell 333 328 324 Both Tgt Achieved
Bhartiartl Sell 324 320 317
Both Tgt Achieved
Canbk Sell 263.2 261 259.3Both Tgt Achieved
Petronet Buy 242 244.5 247Both Tgt Achieved
JustdialSell 820 810 800
Both Tgt Achieved
CoalIndiaSell 324 320 317
Both Tgt Achieved
Relcap Sell 410 404 399
Both Tgt Achieved
Glenmark Sell 880 872 865
Both Tgt Achieved
Srtransfin Sell 824 815 807
Both Tgt Achieved
Relcap Sell 388 385 382
Only First Tgt Achieved & Subscription Auto Extended
SCI Buy 92 94 96Both Tgt Achieved
SCI Buy 96.598.5 100
Both Tgt Achieved
Centurytex Buy 570 575580Both Tgt Achieved
Sksmicro Buy 481 485 488
Both Tgt Achieved
Lloydeleeng Buy 310 317 325
Both Tgt Achieved
Intellect Buy 282 285 287
Both Tgt Achieved
IntellectBuy 281.5 284 286 Both Tgt Achieved
Allcargo Buy 194 197 199.8
Both Tgt Achieved
28/12/15 Allcargo Buy 204 207 209.9 Both Tgt Achieved
29/12/15 Allcargo Buy 209 212 214 Both Tgt Achieved
30/12/15 Allcargo Buy 214217 - Only One Tgt given due to peaking of the trend in stock.
31/12/15 Tvtoday Buy 336 339 342 Both Tgt Achieved

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Please note that we always provide stop loss (SL) with our tips and you must trade with stop loss as it is your friend and not an enemy as it is a risk control mechanism. However due to space constraint above SL column has not been shown.

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