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How to Verify Stock Trade at NSE?

At times a trader can be taken for a ride by his broker by giving him some arbitrary quote for the executed trade and with intro of NSE electronic exchange; now one has a means to check the correctness of the order. You can visit trade verification link here.

Trade Verification

With a facility to verify trades on the NSE website, an investor who has received a contract note from a trading member of the Exchange, can check whether the trade has been executed on the Exchange. This facility is available on the NSE website for the Capital Market, Derivatives (F&O) and Retail Debt Market segments.

Trade details are available for verification on the same day (i.e. T itself) after 19:00 hours IST as well as trade details of all trades for the last 5 trading days are available on the website. (i.e. trades executed on ‘T’ day, can be verified till the T+4th day. It appears that this period has been revised to 10 days as per NSE website.

The investor needs to input minimum details of the trade viz. client code (provided by the trading member), security details (symbol and series), order number, trade number, trade quantity and price (excluding brokerage).

All the above details are mandatory. If an identical match is found for the details provided, a confirmation along with the details of the trade is displayed to the investor. If no match is found, a message is displayed to that effect. Where no match is found, investors are advised to contact their trading member for clarification.

How to Proceed with Trade Verification on NSE?

As per NSE website, it states that Trade Verification module is a very simple tool to verify trades executed in your account. The data on trades would be available on T+1 day. At any given point in time 10 trading days' data would be available for verification. Data for non-proprietary and non-institutional trades would only be available here.

A facility to send SMSs has been added as an additional feature. Investors who are registered on the website would receive an SMS on the designated mobile number at the end of each trading day giving a summation of the trading activity. Besides, an email would also be sent on the registered email id providing the trading details.

Existing registered investors are required to visit the website to activate the facility. Transactional data will be sent to investors for the client codes listed at the time of registration. Whenever investors open a new trading account, they are required to provide details of new trading account to receive details over SMS / email.

Registered investors may please note that one working day is required to activate the SMS and email facility from the request date.So, no longer a trader can be taken for granted as NSE platform is very robust with checks and balances in place and this is the reason we advise stock market clients to trade in NSE as compared to BSE and our stock market tips generally pertains to NSE as all stocks listed on NSE and are also listed on BSE whereas reverse may not be true.

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