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Can Someone Let Go Off $50000 Daily Money Making Machine?

Yes, it has happened where a young lad earning more that $50000 per day has let go off this money making machine. The guy is Dong Nguyen who is a game designer living in Hanoi, Vietnam and is the creator of Flappy birds game. He uploaded this game on google play and iOS App Store on May 2013. As he had no marketing plan or budget backing him, he just tweeted about this game on his twitter account and no one noticed.

Tweet flood washed his single lined promotion about his game. On November 2013, exactly 6 months after the birth of this game, twitter was stormed by tweets about this product. The addiction of this game spread like a virus. More than 50 million people downloaded Flappy Bird. As the success of this game rose like a meteoric star, his revenue also increased manifold times and reached $50,000 per day from ads.

But a strange thing happened on 10 Feb 2014. Dong Nguyen tweeted that in 22 hours, he will delete this game from Apple stores and Google play. Lot of people sensed a gimmick for hype in this tweet. It was not a gimmick, as in exactly 22 hours, he deleted that game from stores and shocked them all. Such was the popularity of this game that in those 22 hours more than 10 million people downloaded that game. Tech paparazzi wanted an answer but  he never replied to their answers.

The real reason is not known to many and the guy has just stated that it was messages sent by parents,school authorities and workers that affected him in a way that he deleted the game. Those messages requested him to take it down as its addiction was affecting lives. He took it down listening to the voice of his heart, the voice with which he once built this famous game.

This is a very strange case and need to be analysed as it is very rare for any person to let go off the money making machine or is it a case of intimidation by the big companies in the gaming industry like Super mario bros (If you have played Flappy Bird you must have noticed the similarities of green pipes of mario and Flappy Bird). Had it been a case of the copyright infringement; the game creator can change anything from the colour of pipes to any different kind of pipes.

However we are happy to note that individual is still earning $10,000 per day from the people who have downloaded the game in the past and we can only call on the Vietnam govt to look into it as the guy was getting lot of foreign exchange in terms of the dollars to the country and the case is a fit case to be investigated as it appears to be more than intimidation than anything else.

Moreover all those interested in gaming apps creation can have this guy success story as a case study that gone are the days when children were pressed by their parents to become a doctor or Engineer as these days a number of avenues are open for one to become successful in life and one just requires the vigour to get going. Just ask that Do you have it in you and if the answer is 'Yes' then just cracking and you will be successful in life. Thus their is no harm in following your passion.

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