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Why to Rush to Reliance Jewels Today?

In the outset we take the opportunity to wish our readers on the eve of 65th Republic day. Now we come to the crux and it is that at times one get such awesome deals that one can not resist going to the sale site and now it is an awesome opportunity to visit Reliance Jewels today on the eve of Republic day. We always advocate readers to buy from branded stores like Reliance Jewels or Tanishq as at least one is sure of the purity. Check our personal experience with a local jeweller in a showroom in a mall and you will know why we advocate to buy from branded stores.

The deal on the Reliance Jewels which has not been publicised is that one gets the gold jewellery without any making charges for the duration of 25-26 Jan 14. This zero percent is an actual sale and we got an invitational call to visit their store and have a look at the deal.

We first saw something fishy in the deal but were astonished that it was real where select quality pieces in gold were being offered at zero percent making charges.

It is a win-win situation for people as non giving making charges means that one is able to get correct standard gold in form of ornaments without paying any making charges and it translates into a saving of 15%-20%. The deal is available till today i.e. Republic day. This is first time we have seen that some branded store in jewellery segment has given 100% off on making charges as company is not gaining much except to get additional footfalls. Moreover an additional benefit is that use the jewellery for any number of days and the day you do not like; just visit the store and sell it and get cash with a maximum deduction of 3% whereas you get the appreciated price of the gold.

Secondly they are also offering up to 60% off on diamond jewellery. Higher discounted jewellery designs need to be seen in the light that you should buy it only if you like it and do not just block your money in lure of a discount in diamond jewellery as gold can be exactly measured in terms of money whereas diamond valuation is as per the seller and one can not physically value the diamond piece due to in-numerous small diamonds being used in the diamond jewellery.

Last but not least do not lose heart if you have missed this deal as Reliance jewels come with fantastic offers on eve of Republic day and Independence day and you just need to keep an eye as they generally do not advertise their offers. Do remember to share the post with your favourite social bookmarking tool as you know sharing is caring.

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