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DOP Mobile Money Transfer - New Payment Gateway

DOP Mobile Money Transfer

Indians have a reason to rejoice as Deptt of Postal has also jumped the bandwagon to provide online money transfer. One can call it as a DOP Mobile Money Transfer and it is a service that enables instant money transfer from one place to another place using mobile, through Indian post offices. You can make online payment by visiting dopmobile.in link.

DOP Mobile Money Transfer Procedure

The consumer just needs to have a mobile while the actual transmission of the money is initiated by the Postal Assistant, using his/her special handset. The process for money transfer is very simple to understand and follow. The remitter (sender) can submit money (Cash In) at any of the covered post office and automatically, the amount is transferred to a central position, which can be collected by recipient customer (Cash Out) from any of the covered Post offices.

As soon as the Cash in happens, both the sender and the recipient get a SMS on their mobile phones. The sender gets a Transaction ID and a Six (6) digit secret code in the SMS while the Recipient only gets the Transaction ID. Recipient can claim the money from any of the covered Post Offices by showing the Transaction ID that he receives on his mobile in the SMS and the Secret code, which he gets from the sender. In order to make process smooth and convenient, a notification sms is being sent to remitter as well as to recipient regarding transaction irrespective of their telecom operator.

For this initiative, India's pioneer and largest communication service provider (CSP), BSNL will provide mobile connections to DOP’s designated officials and BSNL will bring Global technology for Mobile Money Transfer. Each Post office shall be provided with a mobile handset with pre loaded application by BSNL’s technology partner M/s Maverick Mobile Solutions.

Our Take on the Service

This is a good initiative as it will be a cost effective solution. On money order the transfers is as high as 5% on the amount being transferred. This is what is called as a rise of a sleeping giant. We do hope that deptt of postal undertakes the process in a proper secured way to avoid any online frauds. However they need to let the user know incase the transaction id is not generated. Secondly, Mobile Money Transfer Launched only in Limited number of offices, and training also given only launched offices. We suggest that they impose a lower Limit for transactions in a predetermined time, value of transaction and number of transactions per assistant, per post office etc, to ensure that they establish their foot on the ground and then only they should go full fledged. We hope to integrate this system for the payment for our best intraday tip which performs every day

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