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10 Tips to Survive a Leopard Attack

We decided to write an article on surviving the leopard attack as it has been reported that a wild leopard spotted in Kadian Punjab in Nov 2013 month has attacked the workers in Eldeco Estates at Ludhiana. No doubt Eldeco Estates in Ludhiana has come up very well and on the lighter side probably Tiger has also decided to take a walk.

We present below 10 tips and tricks which can help to ward off the leopard attack and same are as listed below:

  • Don't look for it's attention. If you spot a leopard that doesn't see you, do not disturb it.
  • Hide if a leopard appears to be stalking you. If you can, try getting a place where the leopard cannot get to you.
  • Don't tease it or try to provoke it. The cat may just decide to attack you.
  • Be smart if it pounces. If the leopard pounces at you through the air, try to out-think it and land in another spot.
  • Avoid eye contact. This can be seen as a challenge for them. Then again, keep your eyes on the leopard and know what it is doing.
  • Back away slowly. This should give you a chance to escape.
  • Hold your ground. If a leopard charges at you, don't run, as they are much faster than you and will easily catch you. Instead, hold your ground, wave your hands above your head and shout.
  • Curl up in a tight ball, with your limbs tucked inside. This will prevent the animal from injuring any extremities.
  • Fight back if necessary, as fighting should be your last option. If the leopard does not stop charging, fight with whatever you have, and hit sensitive places such as the nose and eyes or hold your thumbs at the back of his mouth, to prevent those razor-sharp canines from getting to your neck(if they can bite you, they can kill you), and hold your elbows on their paws to prevent those sharp claws from ripping off your flesh. Call for help then.
  • Don't Look for Leopard Attention. If Leopard has not seen you; avoid making any gestire which can draw his attention towards you.
  • As a last warning, never EVER, climb a tree to escape from a leopard. These are probably the best wild cats at climbing trees, and will catch you there in a matter of seconds. 
  • Avoid approaching leopard cubs; Mothers will be very protective. Be extra careful at night time. Leopards can be much more vicious then. 
  • Never ever approach a wild leopard. You can get a view close to them through your lens.
Last but not least watch the video now of a Leopard in action

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