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How to Make Free Calls to USA & Canada?

One can make free calls to USA and Canada without spending even a penny as technology has made the same possible and for that you have an option to use either of the following three programs:

Google Voice
  • You can make free calls for PC to phone and also from PC to PC using the Google Talk browser plugin.
  • You can route incoming calls to your free phone number issued to you by Google to any other phone number you use. 
  • Google Voice also gives free SMS conference calling, and free voice mail services.
  • Google Voice can be accessed as a web app on any browser even on mobile browsers, Android, BlackBerry and iPhone has their dedicated app.
  • Google Voice has limited free internet phone calls to three hours, but you can continually call the same number over and over again for free.
  • iCall offers you a free software which you can use to make free internet phone calls from PC to phone.
  • You can download iCall by version of PC operating system, Windows, Mac OS X or Linux
  • iPhone app is also available for iOS users. 
  • The call will keep on disconnecting every 5 minutes, but you can call back over and over again for as many times as you want. A ten second advert will run before any of your calls gets through.
  • iCall has a flash version on the web, but this will limit you to three minutes.
  • EvaPhone has a flash-based platform on the web; however it short talk time which ranges from ten seconds to one minute depending on your destination. 
  • It limits you to just two calls per day.
  • A short video advert runs on EvaPhone for you to watch before your call gets through, it displays for you a short timer, so you know when you time is up.
  • If you do not want to download a software, this website is just perfect.

Hope these tools will be of a great use for you if you have any of your relatives or friends abroad as making free calls is much more a cheaper option as compared to paying hefty amount on overseas calls. If we have to choose the best among all three listed above then we can say that Google Voice is the best as it comes from a global giant. You can just Google for these tools and get to know more about these services and we will request to use it and leave a comment so that your fellow readers can get benefitted with your experience. Secondly do not forget to share the article; if you find it useful as we want this info to reach to maximum people.

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