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Online Trading Platform Precaution Instructions as Advocated by ICICIDirect

safe trading tips for online trading platform users ICICIdirect has listed a few precautions on their login screen of their online platform and same are listed for all as it has relevance for any kind of online trading platform users. The below guidelines will help you to keep any fraud at bay as prevention is better than cure and one will not need to cry at split milk.
  • Never enter, confirm and update your account-related details (Login or other sensitive information) in a pop-up window.
  • Never update, store or save your ICICIdirect User ID & Password on third party websites.
  • Verify the security certificate by clicking on the padlock icon of your internet browser.
Hope the effort will help people to use the internet to their advantage and will not ever fall prey to email fraud which is very much prevalent in the market as these email generate from third world countries like Nigeria. You can check a lookalike fraud email here.

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