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Domains Purchased through Google - FAQ

How to Pay for Google Domains for More than 1 Year?

This is a weird problem associated with the purchase of domains through Google where the link only appears for payment for one year. However all those webmasters who want to keep the domain and want to renew for longer period can do so by shifting the domain to their e-registrar which is generally either e-nom or godaddy.
It appears that search engines give more reliability to domain names which have been booked for more than one year as search engine knows that no spam builder will book a domain for more than one year.

To make sure that you do not miss on your renewal through Google, make sure that you have set auto renewal in the billing tab and also have a back up payment option if the primary payment method fails. You can visit Google domain dashboard here.

How to Renew the domain Registered with Google Automatically?

If you purchased the Domain through Google, you should make sure that you have the renew option checked in your Google Apps account and a valid Google billing information has been verified as in certain countries Google has stopped Google checkout.

1.  Log in to your control panel.
2.  Click Domain settings.
3.  Click Domain names.
4.  Tick or un-tick the box next to Automatically renew my domain registration every year. If you choose to renew domain registration automatically, you'll receive a reminder via email four weeks in advance of the Google Checkout charge to your account.
5.  Click Save changes.

How to Renew the domain registered with Google Manually?

To renew registration manually, make sure that you haven't enabled automatic renewals for your domain. Upon reaching the expiry date, you'll receive email notification, including a link to renew registration manually. You have two weeks to renew domain registration manually.

Now my Domain Purchased through Google has expired - My options
  • Renewing Domain RegistrationYour initial domain registration is valid for one year. If subsequent registration renewal fails, you'll have several opportunities to change your billing information and renew your registration:
    • On your renewal date - If you've chosen automatic renewal and the charge fails, we'll send you a notification of the failure with instructions on updating your billing information. If you update your billing information within three days of the attempted charge, we'll detect the change and bill you for the renewal using the new information.
    • Within 19 days of your renewal date - If you don't update your billing information within three days of the attempted charge, contact the support team for assistance with your renewal. If you contact our team within 19 days of the failed charge, we'll send you information allowing you to update your billing information and renew your registration.
    • More than 19 days after your renewal date - If we're unable to bill you for registration renewal within 19 days of your expiration date, you won't be able to renew your domain through Google Apps. Instead, you'll need to contact your domain registrar directly. You may experience an interruption of service after your domain expires.
  • If you don't renew domain registration within the 19-day window of opportunity, your domain name will be 'vaulted' by the registrar company (GoDaddy(dot)com or eNom(dot)com). A 'vaulted' domain name is not publicly available for registration, nor can it be redeemed without additional charges.
    (a) To recover a 'vaulted' domain, you must contact the registrar company to re-obtain the domain at an additional fee of $89 for GoDaddy(dot)com and $250 for eNom(dot)om. You can find contact information for Godaddy(dot)com or eNom(dot)com in the Advanced DNS settings section of the control panel.
    (b) If you don't take action, the registrar company holds the 'vaulted' domain name for up to six months before releasing it for public sale.
How to Renew Expired domain registration?

If you get the error message that Domain has already expired, please contact customer support, your domain name registration with GoDaddy or eNom has expired and can no longer be renewed through Google Apps. To retrieve your domain, please contact your registrar directly with the following contact information. Please be aware that there will be a fee associated with retrieving your domain.
eNom: phone 425-974-4623 email googleclients[at]enom(dot)com
GoDaddy phone 480-366-3700 email gdomains[at]secureserver(dot)net

These support channels are dedicated to Google Apps administrators who registered a domain during the sign-up process. Please note that if you don't retrieve your domain, you will disrupt your Google Apps service and could lose all data associated with your account.

We have tried to provide all the FAQs for domains purchased through Google domain names purchase and how you can overcome the problem related to registrations issues. We are proud to say that we have purchased our free stock tips website through Google and are very happy with Google service as downtime is just .01% which is negligible as compared to other domain providers hosting services. With Google domain registration free hosting service is a bonus else it is a big hole burner in your pocket.

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