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2 Sure Ways to Find Email Address of any Individual

We all know the normal procedure of using the social media or looking for social profiles or as a matter of fact one can Do a Whois Lookup to get to know the email id. However today we will let you know two safe methods by which you can get to know email id using free professional tools.

Tool No 1

Linksy(dot)me : The service checks the e-mail addresses it generates against Gravatar, and if they have a Gravatar account, it displays the blogger’s picture. Even if the person’s face didn’t pop up on Linksy doesn’t mean that e-mail address isn’t right — it just means that he/she does not have a Gravatar with that e-mail address.

Tool No 2

Use Rapportive which is a plugin which you can add to Gmail. It adds a sidebar that shows information about someone as soon as you enter the person’s email address. It is an amazing tool as you just need to hold your cursor over each e-mail address to see if one of them shows linked social profiles. 


Finding the email is a sure way to get a response from the individual whom you want to contact.

About the Author

The author is a tech savvy individual contributing to free stock market tips website regularly.

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