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Circuit Filter

Circuit filters are an effective mechanism to make sure that speculators and unscruplous elements do not take undue advantage in a sudden fall or rise in any particluar stock by going in for the cartelisation. This is where the circuit filters step in where market is stopped for a pre determined to allow market to cool off and the impact of any abnormal event is taken care off.

Time Line Of The Flash for above Wrong Order Punching Repercussion
9.15 am  : Market opens normally, NSE’s nifty declines 0.47%

9.50 am  : Nifty crashes over 10% triggering the circuit filter, trading automatically stops

9.51 am  : Only existing  orders executed , nifty falls nearly 15.5% or 900 points.

10.00 am  :  NSE  re-opens trade with pre open session.

10.05 am  : Pre-open session ends;normal trading resumes.

11.17 am  : NSE issues first clarification saying circuit filter triggered on account of abnormal orders.

11.52 am  : NSE issues second clarification which says the entry of 59 erroneous orders resulted in multiple trades for an aggregate value of over Rs -650 crore

12.46 pm  : Emkay Global Financial services, named flashed for punching wrong orders.

A dealer working with brokerage Emkay Global Financial committed a blunder, confusing the value of client’s order with a number of shares. Instead of  selling stocks worth rs-34 lakh, he punched in orders that amounted to Rs 650cr. , the four day winning streak snapped in the red.

How Circuit Filter is Set for Stocks?
  • Circuit Filter % is set at 20% for stocks with market cap less than or equal to 500 cr.
  • 15% if market cap is greater than 500 cr but less than or equal to 1000 cr.
  • 10% if market cap is greater than 1000 cr but less than or equal to 5000 cr.
  • 5% if market cap is greater than 5000 cr.
  • Trade to Trade segment stock limit set at 5%
How Circuit Filter is Set for Index?

The NSE trading limits for the NIFTY ranges from 10-20%. The % translated into absolute  points of the index movement at the end of every quarter and applied for the next three months.


The mechanism makes sure that the market is not artificially taken up or brought down by the unscruplous elements who try to make use of the prevalent loopholes in the system. Remember to mark us for your intraday tips requirement and make money with our Jackpot Tip everyday.

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