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Ahmedabad Stock Exchange

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange also known as “ASE” is located in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. It was established as a Public Charitable Trust in the year 1894 and is the second oldest exchange in India. Since the time of its inception under the banyan tree, it has grown by leaps and bound and holds the unique status among all the Stock Exchanges of India.

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Logo

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange  logoThe logo of the ASE has “Swastika” at the centre which symbolizes the Goodness, Value, Wealth and Prosperity. This logo has its origin from Hindu Mythology and means a lot for bringing wealth and prosperity for the people who have faith in it.

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange History

Old Ahmedabad Stock Exchange buildingDuring the earlier days the stock exchange used to function under the framework of the Bombay Securities Contract Act, 1925. However, since the inception of The Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956, all the stock exchanges in India were required to get recognition from the Ministry of Finance. Due to this Gujarat Share & Stock Exchange, Indian Share and General Exchange Association and Bombay Share and Stock Exchange, Share and Stock Brokers Association merged with the Ahmedabad Share and Stock Brokers Association which gave rise to “ASE” as it stands today. Old Ahmedabad Stock Exchange operated from Manek Chowk.

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Modernisation Drive

During the 80’s and 90’s it went through some major changes in its infrastructure including the computerization of the whole exchange. The exchange went live on screen based trading system on December 12, 1996. ASE operates on Ahmedabad Stock Exchanges' Online Trading System. Members of the ASE can also trade on the Bombay Stock Exchange through a system called IBOSS.

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Members

Presently, there are 333 trading members in the exchange to serve the investors and has one of the best transparent trading system in India. The trading of approximately 2000 nationally listed equities are done in the exchange. Over 200 high growth companies listed in the ASE or with other exchanges are also traded here.

The team of ASE has a Passion for Excellence which comprises of some core values which are Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity, Responsibility, Investor First and Honouring commitment. The details of these core values could be found in the official website of ASE. The Ahmedabad stock exchange new website speaks of their vision as it is a source of authentic information and shows the ability of the stock exchange to embrace the technology.

Ahmedabad stock exchange new avatar

The team of ASE is governed by the Board with the help of set Rules and Regulations. The board constitute of Elected Directors and Non-elected Directors (Directors appointed by SEBI) i.e. Public Representatives and SEBI Nominees in equal ratio. The governing body meets every 15 day to review the stock exchange working. The Executive Director remains the Administrative Head Stock Exchange.

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