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Is Apple IMac Worth the Price?

First of Apple has a responsive toll free number and for Indians, they can dial to get discounts for Education, call Sales on 1800 425 4646 (toll free) or 080 2574 4646, SMS "SALES" to 54646 or email indiasales@mac(dot)com (Remember to replace dot with actual one). You can get tele support for product after sales service at 1800425 0744.

Sale through only authorised Resellers

Apple do not allow any one and every one to sell their products and one can see the authorised resellers list in India at http://www.apple(dot)com/in/buy/ (Remember to replace dot with actual one)


Resellers have a margin of 10.5% and one can negotiate with them. Most of them do not offer discounts and at times they have college going student discount which stands @6%


Its price is highest among all the equivalent products but definitely quality is superior and one is paying for the brand value and quality.

Mac All-in-One

Apple Imac all in oneWe did a lot of research for Mac Allinone as we were intending to change our complete computer hardware to Apple as we want to provide the best in computer technology to our research team so they deliver best while doing research for our Jackpot tip of the day which is a single call of the day.


iCloud stores your content and lets you access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and more from whatever device you’re on. So if you take a picture with your iPhone or make changes to your meeting schedule on your iPad, iCloud makes sure everything appears on your Mac too. So you can do things like create a to-do list on your Mac and make edits to it on your iPhone. Start sketching on your iPod touch and add the finishing touches on your iPad. Or start a game on your iPad and pick it up at the same level on your iPod touch.

IMac Configuration

See the below screenshot for configuration and complete specifications can be seen at http://www.apple(dot)com/in/imac/specs/ (Remember to replace dot with actual one)

Imac configuration


Its Mouse is the best and one can see the gestures which can be undertaken by the mouse in the below screenshot.

Apple Mouse

Anti Glare

We were concerned about the glare aspect and found that this aspect has been addressed to a great extent without compromising on the color quality. The latest iMac display is not set behind the cover glass — it’s right up against it. The LCD itself is 5mm thinner than before, and we used an advanced process called full lamination to eliminate a 2-mm gap between the LCD and the glass, something that has never been done on a display this large. Although it may not seem like much, those few millimetres are enough to make images look as if they’re leaping off the glass.

Imac anti glareFull lamination has a second major benefit: it eliminates the reflection of light off the LCD panel and off the back of the display’s cover glass. But we also figured out how to reduce reflection off the front of the glass without compromising colour quality. Instead of applying an anti-reflective coating to the glass in a conventional way, we adapted a process used on smaller surfaces like camera lenses and fighter pilots’ helmets. It’s called plasma deposition, and it involves coating the glass with layers of silicon dioxide and niobium pentoxide so precise and so thin they’re measured in atoms. The result: an astounding 75 per cent reduction in reflectivity — and vibrant, accurate colours.

Technology Update

Apple states that one of the biggest challenges their engineers faced with this new design was how to join the front to the back. The enclosure is so thin, it’s not possible to weld the pieces using traditional methods. So we searched far and wide for other ideas, and we found one in a process called friction-stir welding. It’s commonly used on airplane wings, rocket booster tanks and other parts that simply can’t fail. This process uses a combination of intense friction-generated heat and pressure to intermix the molecules of the two aluminium surfaces — creating a seamless, precise and super-strong join. You may not see it, but this iMac wouldn’t be possible without it.

Best Feature

You have all sorts of important stuff on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iCloud automatically backs it up every day over Wi-Fi when your device is connected to a power source. You don’t have to do a thing. And when you set up a new iOS device or need to restore information on one you already have, iCloud Backup does the heavy lifting. Connect your device to Wi-Fi and enter your Apple ID and password. Your personal data — along with your purchased apps and downloaded books — will appear on your device, automatically. 5GB of free storage is plenty for most people. But if you need extra space, you can always buy additional storage.

Support from AppleCare.

A Mac includes 90 days of free telephone technical support and a one-year limited warranty. If you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan, you can extend that coverage to three years from the original purchase date of your Mac.


As a user we were expecting that it will come with a battery back up which is not the case in this segment and thus one may have to either go for a UPS or one can have a central inverter providing back up to all these IMacs.

Evolution of IMac

Below screenshot will show the evolution of iMac where product is becoming slimmer day by day.

IMac evolution


Thus seeing the technology and advances we will recommend all our stock market traders who have to see at the screen continously can go for it as all major shortcomings of earlier iMac models have been addressed and one can graduate high in life with an Apple product as they say once you start using Apple products; you will never go back to Windows.

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