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Check where Your Bing Ads are Appearing

We present below the steps on how to run a Website URL (Publisher) Report, which will provide you with statistics about the websites where your ads appear. This will be useful for determining whether certain website should be excluded from your campaign.

1. Click the Reports tab.

2. Under the standard reports, select Website URL (publisher)

3. For the Date range, choose the date

4. Select the account you want to generate a report.

5. Click the Run at the bottom of the page.

6. From there, you will be able to see the websites where your ads appear

The main use of this report is that one can undertake the internal audit and can see if the advertisement appearing on X site will be providing some value or not else one can make sure that your ad campaign is excluded from that website and thus one will not get any extra click which is not contributing to the business.

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