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Gem Stones Healing Power

powers of gemstonesMystic Power of gem stones are as listed below in succeeding table. We are bringing out the powers of gemstones as it can definitely help to improve the results in all aspects of life as we have stated in Fengshui and Vastu Shastra tips for stock market traders.


Mystical Power

Amethyst Cleansing Properties  
Hematite Channelizes the divine currents
Fluorite Drive away negative forces
Turquoise Meditation agent
Yellow Topaz Increases mental clarity and reduces depression. Carnelian enhances creativity
Carnelian Enhances Creativity
Tanzanite Uplifts and opens the heart
Sapphire Mental clarity
Ruby Opens the heart, allows to overcome fear

Have a look at below healing stone list



Acidity Emerald + Yellow sapphire + Hessonite
Anemia Red coral + Yellow sapphire
Arthritis Red coral + Yellow sapphire

Blue Sapphire

Bronchitis Red coral
Cancer Light Blue Sapphire + Red coral
Cold Red coral
Constipation Red coral
Diabetes Red coral + Yellow sapphire
Digestive Troubles Emerald + Yellow sapphire (or hessonite)
Ear troubles Red coral + Emerald
Epilepsy Emerald + Moon stone
Gall stones Red coral + Emerald
Rheumatism Red coral + Yellow sapphire
Heart disease (Emerald + Yellow sapphire + Moonstone) or ruby
Blood pressure related problems Emerald + Yellow sapphire + blue sapphire
Impotency Diamond or Yellow sapphire + Red coral
Insomnia Emerald + moonstone Yellow sapphire
Jaundice Red coral + Blue sapphire
Mental disorders Red coral + Yellow sapphire
Typhoid Emerald + Yellow sapphire + Moonstone

Have a look at secondary stones for each of the primary gems below:

Primary Stones

Secondary Stones

Ruby Moonstone and white coral  
Natural Pearl Channelizes the divine currents
Yellow Sapphire Yellow topaz, yellow beryl (heliodor) and yellow tourmaline
Hessonite Natural orange zircon, spessartite, Malaya and other orange garnets
Emerald Tsavorite, green tourmaline, green Diopside, Peridot and green jade
Diamond White (colorless) sapphire (heat-checked), white topaz, white beryl (goshinite) and colorless quartz
Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Beryl, apatite, fibrolite and tourmaline cat's eyes
Blue Sapphire Tourmaline (indicolite), blue Spinel and amethyst
Red Coral Red carnelian

You can read further about wearing of gem stones rules with mantras here.

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