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How to Protect Eyes from Computer Strain?

protecting eyes from computer strainAs a trader the onus lies on us to take care of our health failing which we will not be able to attend to the main task and here lies the importance to protect our eyes as continous watching of stock quotes cause a lot of strain on the eyes.

You must check out Correct PC or Laptop Usage Posture Video to understand how we can avoid causing any strain to the eyes. Precaution is better than cure and thus it is better to invest in good furniture to have best posture.

Indications of Strain

  • Watering eyes.
  • Headache.
  • Irregular sleep.

How we can avoid the eye strain caused due to Computer or Laptop usage?

You can follow following tips to have a wonderful set of eyes and these are equally applicable to all who are using Computer or Laptop.

  • Do give a break to your eyes, say move your eyes from screen after every 10 mins. One can even install a free software which can remind you that you have to move your eyes.
  • PC or Laptop be kept in an open location, so that when you remove your eyes from your screen, the pupil of your eye changes its shape to see distant objects. This advice was given to me by my eye Specialist, therefore, 100% authentic.
  • Start sitting in the front row of your class, this will please your teacher and same is applicable for able students.
  • Do not get overburdened with work and avoid carrying work at home. Keep separate time for your family and do not mix business with pleasure as family time needs to be separate from your work schedule.
  • Plan for an appointment with eye specialist once in every six months.
  • Have correct body posture while using computer or Laptop.
  • Avoid putting laptop in your lap and instead you can have an acrylic stand which is inclined and has some vents which provides space for air circulation.
  • Try to get eight hours sleep.

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