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6 Tips to Enhance Mobile Battery Life

Effective tips to save battery lifeMobile has made inroads in our life in a big way and is a big tool with a businessman and a trader which can make or break his business. Traders executing mobile trading need to make sure that their battery is fully charged. Moreover due to long working hours smart phones get drained out of the battery life at a faster pace and following these 6 tips can keep your mobile buzzing with life by virtue of a full battery:

  • Remember lithium-ion batteries need not be drained fully and can be charged as soon as opportunity arises. Gone are the days when it was advocated to let your battery drain fully for better life at least once in a week,.
  • Background data be switched off whenever possible. Avoid keeping mobile in sync with Facebook or Twitter as it is a big drainer on battery.
  • Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth drain the battery in a big way. So keep it switch off whenever the same is not required
  • Keep vibrate function off, If you get lot of lot of messages and notifications
  • Keep the volume of bell low whenever possible.
  • Avoid heavy screen savers and animated backgrounds.

Following above tips will keep your mobile battery always in good health and will help you in communication as we say “Baat Karne Se Hi Baat Banti hai”. You can also check additional ways to enhance smart phone battery life here.

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