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How to Make Planets Favourable for Stock Market Trading?

The solar system consists of nine planets and each one of the planet has an impact on our body and it is very important that we undertake a few measures to ensure that planets become favourable for stock market traders or as a matter fact any individual performing any business.

Like sun and moon have an effect on the sea and causes tides in the water; similarly our body gets affected by these planets as our body is more than 90% water. The planets like mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn (Shani), Uranus, Neptune and Pluto effects each individual in a different manner and thus their is no set solution for every individual.

However make sure that you undertake Vastu tips for stock traders and Fengshui tips for stock traders to get these planets favourable and you will see all money getting showered on you as luck is a key factor in trading.   

Historically we had Hitler who used to give a bunch of keys to his Generals and would ask them to open one lock and whosoever used to open the lock first used to lead the war as he was considered lucky and will beat the enemy. Thus our endeavour is to get the planets and luck favourably on our side to maximise the profits from the market or to get success in life and be always happy like a contented man.

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