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Young Entrepreneurs Funding–Angel Investors Waiting for You

We all need funds to make our little baby venture to grow into a giant. Now we have an angel investor in form of Vikram Gupta ex-COO of India Venture Advisors, IvyCap Ventures works who has Rs 200 Crore fund catering to fund new start ups and they are more likely to go for funding in HealthCare and LifeSciences. They are going to close maximum 4 deals in a year.

Catch in funding

He funds only ventures started by IITiand and IIM graduates as he believes that these graduates who have passed an exam such as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) has a disciplined approach and they are hardworking, focused and dedicated. Moreover they have the risk taking ability coupled with desire to seek mentorship and leverage support.

He is optimistic in these graduates as Out of a total of 200000 IITians, 35000 have been in entrepreneurial roles at some point and 20000 are still entrepreneurs. Moreover 13000 companies have been created by them and out of these companies more than 400 companies have been listed on the bourses.

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