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How to Transfer Phone Contacts from Nokia OviSuite to Excel File?

It is amazing that a company like Nokia do not have an export function for its contacts to be exported to an excel file and it took me at least 3 hours to find the correct method which executes the same with in just a matter of seconds. Nokia really need to get their act together else their demise is imminent as Samsung is slowly eating their market share.

This software is a freeware by the name of Grad my Contacts and downloaded from http://www.zodus(dot)tk/ (remove dot with actual) and watch the video and download. Despite being a freeware it works wonders.

How to Export Nokia OviSuite contacts to Excel?

In this video owners are presenting their "Grab My Contacts" software, which lets you Export Ovi Contacts List to Excel in 30 seconds. This Program is clean freeware, fully functional without any limitation

Now appalling truth is that people do not appreciate the free work and the owners have to shelve project due to negative feedback. However download for the freeware is still available and it works in just 30 secs. No doubt, had it been a paid version, it would have had at least charged $50 for the service.

Why it is Important to Save Contacts?

Our businesses run on our contacts and we can not let our business be on the mercy of a mere mobile phone which if lost means that all data is lost. So you must sycronise data with Nokia Ovisuite and also download it as an Excel file.

Why Grab My Contacts Project Ended Prematurely?

Please see the below screen shot for your answer and we feel really bad that an upcoming effort by an individual has been nipped in bud and Nokia can learn a lesson and if required buy their software and incorporate it in their Nokia ovisuite so that owners get rewarded for their efforts. We deeply resent the criticisers who have forced a good project to have an abrupt ending and best part of their honesty is that they are even returning the donations received also to the originators.

Why grab my project ended

You will find your answer here if you have been searching Google or Yahoo with any of the following keywords

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