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Salient Features of Rail Budget: 2012

Salient Features of Rail Budget 2012 are as appended below:

  • The Government will take extra care in security and safety of Indian Railways
  • Set up railway research and development council for safety
  • Stressing on modernization of Indian Railway
  • Modernization of 19000 KM Tracks across India
  • Focus on connecting Indian Railways to remote and backward area
  • Development of rail in North East region and J &K
  • Allotted 5 Lakh crore under Pradhan Mantri Rail Vikas Yojna
  • The Railway minister projected requirement of 14 Lakh Cr in 10 years. Railway contribution to GDP is currently at 1% which is expected to increase to 2% to 2.5%.
  • National policy of railways need to framed for better management of the Indian Railways.
  • Investment of Rs 60100 Cr to be invested in Indian Railway in FY-13
  • Rs 2000 Cr is allotted in building Railways Security Fund
  • Rs 1 Lakh Cr allotted for 487 project in railway gauging
  • The Government sees 12th  five year plan expense on railway to be at 7.35 Lakh Cr
  • Reduction of Delhi Kolkata Rajhdani from 17 to 14 hr
  • 50,000 people to get employed in creating new station
  • In next 5 years 100 station to be modernize through  PPP model
  • To set up Coach maintenance factory in Navi Mumbai
  • Adding 1500 Coaches to Mumbai local train, capacity to be increased by 35%
  • Separate corridor for Goods wagon
  • To set up coach factory one each in Gujarat and Karnataka
  • To set up one goods wagon factory in Odisha
  • To set up 3 training center for disaster management
  • Mumbai harbor line coaches to be increased from 9 to 12
  • Special coaches for disable people
  • Foreign companies will be invited for catering service contract in Indian Railway
  • Housekeeping unit for cleanliness will be created
  • 100 station to be developed on the model of airport
  • 2500 toilets to be converted to bio-toilets till 2013
  • 75 new express train and 21 new passenger train to be flagged
  • 50 new train for Kolkata metro
  • Indian railway station development council to be formed
  • Dividend reduced from 6% to 5% in FY 12
  • Annual Plan for Railways for 2012-13 put at highest ever at Rs 60,100 crore
  • Target to bring down the operating ratio, which is at the moment 95 per cent, to 84.9 per cent in 2012-13 and to 74 per cent in terminal year of 12th five year plan
  • Freight earnings seen at Rs 89,339 crore
  • Wait listed passengers to get alternate train reservations
  • Increase by 30% on expense and management  of signaling device
  • Increase in platform ticket price from Rs 3 to Rs 5.

Check out Railway Budget 2012 and how it has created a furore. Also check out how Railway Budget affects Indian stock market and its position in world.

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