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How 4G will Change Lives in Comparison to 3G?

These days it is difficult to imagine a world without internet and we can only dream and Imagine of a world where wireless Internet is everywhere, with tireless fast access near the local park, from your mechanic's plus your current market place.

Benefits of 4G over 3G

4G promises this, to bring Wi-Fi to entire cities. 4G is anticipated to generally be five times faster than the 3G services.Despite the high price of 3G spectrum, operators are preparing to launch 4G networks, which should bring down the associated fee and one will be able to  work at higher speeds.

4G is Going to be Cheaper

The rationale for low price of 4G networks can be attributed to the fact it is going to be able to utilize existing network infrastructure with slight modifications and because the spectrum for 4G network was licensed to operators at a much lower cost in comparison to 3G network.

4G Technology Assessment

There happen to be two 4G technologies, LTE and WiMax, both offering speeds of more than a 100 Mbps; but LTE is preferred by operators since this is backward compatible, meaning that a dongle or phone that works on LTE networks will additionally work on GSM, CDMA and 3G networks.
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