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HNI Call or High Net Worth Individual Call for Maximum Gains

A number of traders want to start trading with us in HNI plan, however every one is not allowed in this HNI call or High Net worth Individual Call because this call is for those who believe in trading in high volume and can at least generate a volume of Rs 5 Lakh in Intraday Trading. Please note that this call is not available every day and is given only on specific days after thorough corroboration.

Q: How this call is different from other calls?

Ans. This call is given on the phone and each call will generate profit of minimum Rs 5000 and Maximum Rs 49,000. This call is not given every day. It is a call based plan.

Q. Why should I subscribe this plan?

Ans. You should subscribe to this plan if you meet following 2 conditions:

  • You do not want to trade daily and want to trade only on some certain days when call is given to you on phone.
  • You can generate an intraday volume of Rs 5 Lakh.

Q: Which are the stocks recommended in this plan?

Ans. The stocks which are recommended are most of the times good quality stocks which have exceptional high volume and majority of times these stocks are available in future.

Q: Can I trade this stock in future?

Ans. Yes, you can trade this call in futures. Stock remains the same only levels vary for initiation in future or cash market. We will provide you the levels for future segment trading in this call as per your desire for trading.

Q: What is the Price Plan?

Ans. The package is of 15 calls for Rs 25000. You can make HNI Call Payment here in Indian Rupee.

Q. What is the time frame of calls recommended?

Ans. 95% of calls are given with intraday perspective. Balance 5% calls are to be held for few days. However we have a system where any individual desirous of trading only in intraday or only in holding stocks can let us know in advance and we will provide them calls as per that trading profile i.e if you want calls only for intraday trading, you will be given calls only for intraday trading.

Q. What is the Success Rate?

Ans. So far we have been able to maintain 100% success rate as this call is cross checked against three different sources and than it has to stand the stiffest test of technical analysis. This is the reason that it is not a daily call.

Q. Will you teach me certain trading strategies before I start trading?

Ans. Yes, we provide specialised trading strategies which makes sure that you become an expert trader before you commences trading and this is a complimentary free gesture because we believe in developing traders in a holistic manner.

Q. Where can I check past performance of the HNI calls?

Ans. You can check Past Performance of Share Tips here.

Q: I want to trade daily in market?

Ans. If you want to trade daily in market, than the best plan for you is Daily One Sure Tip which will also generate good profit for you every day.

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