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Below we are providing you information related to gold which will ensure that all those looking for trading in gold as a commodity segment will find the information of use to arrive at a pragmatic decision and can make money in commodity market. Recent QuotesWe all are aware that in India, gold is considered as a symbol of personal wealth. There are five major gold exchanges around the world. These are New York, London, Zürich, Hong Kong and Sydney markets. The price of gold is determined twice a day in London known as "London Fixes" which is the guidepost for the official gold trading around the world. Below we provide you with the real time/current gold prices, gold price charts in US dollar per ounces, gold prices in Indian rupees (rs) per grams and kilos, live gold prices, gold price per ounce, gold message board, gold discussion forum, gold news & reports, gold and precious metals research.

24 hour $US Dollar price per ounce

Gold is the most popular as an investment b24 hour $US Dollar price per ounceetween all the precious metals. Gold is considered as a safe investment and Investors generally buy gold as a hedge or safe haven.The price of gold is ultimately driven by supply and demand.

The value and price of gold varies depending on various factors. Some of these factors are as listed below:
(a) The value of various currencies, like US dollar. As and when US dollar is in danger people have fled to gold as it is considered as a safe heaven for the investment.
(b) The price of other commodities. Gold is always a preferred destination in high inflationary environment.
(c) The oil price also affects the gold price to a great extent as oil price influences the dollar price.
(d)The economic situations and changes in those situations around the world. More the turbulence in finance markets in the world, more investors flock to gold as a safe bet.
(e) The World events, such as wars and even dramatic weather influences, such as earthquakes, tidal waves etc also effects the gold prices as people try to hoard the gold as across the generations gold has been considered as a safe investment and people have been holding this precious metal since Egyptian civilisation era.

Ways to invest in gold are as listed below:
(a) One can invest through Gold Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs)
(b) One can buy Gold Stocks by trading in a commodity market..
(c) One can Invest in Gold Futures by trading in a commodity market..
(d) One can buy Gold Bullion, such as gold coins or gold bars. Thse are available through trusted jewellers like Tanishq or Reliance gems or one can use the window of investing through banks who also sell the gold bars.

Update : Views of Experts on gold prices and prevalent trend

  • Newmont CEO O'Brien has stated on Bloomberg that Gold Price May Rise to $2500 by 2013.
  • Infosys CFO projects the price of Rs 40000 per 10 gm for gold considering the festival mood and global financial makrets upheveal.
  • Phil Streible, Senior Market Strategist, MF Global has stated that Gold price can yo-yo: between $1500 to $10000 and he further adds that anything is possible.

    Here we are going to provide you the real time/current gold prices in 25 national currencies, live gold prices, gold price per ounce, commodity trading india, gold bullion prices, gold futures, gold trading, gold investment, forex currency trading. Gold price in Argentine Peso, Gold price in Australian Dollar, Gold price in Brazilian Real, Gold price in Canadian Dollar, Gold price in Swiss Franc, Gold price in Yuan Renminbi, Gold price in Colombian Peso, Gold price in Euro, Gold price in Pound Sterling, Gold price in Hong Kong Dollar, Gold price in Indonesian Rupiah, Gold price in Indian Rupee, Gold price in Yen, Gold price in Kuwaiti Dinar, Gold price in Mexican Peso, Gold price in Malaysian Ringgit, Gold price in New Zealand Dollar, Gold price in Philippine Peso, Gold price in Russian Rouble, Gold price in Swedish Krona, Gold price in Singapore Dollar,Gold price in Turkish Lira, Gold price in United States Dollar, Gold price in Vanuatu Vatu , Gold price in Rand. You can find more information on Google by searching with following keywords

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