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Responsible Behaviour Required at Social Media Websites

We can learn a lesson or two from the   Ministry of Defence of UK which has posted a video on YouTube and is trying to portray , the 70-year-old slogan "careless talk costs lives" i.e. it can cost the lives of the armed forces personnel and their families that use Facebook, Twitter or as a matter of fact any social media site which can be Linkedin or Orkut etc as the list goes on and on...

The MoD is concerned that posting to social media sites may inadvertently give away planned operations, movements of troops and aircraft or the location of ships. The YouTube campaign is aimed at raising awareness about the risks of sharing too much information online.

One video shows a mother of a soldier updating her status on Facebook with details of her son's whereabouts. The caption reads: "It may not just be friends and family reading your status updates." Alongside the video campaign, new recruits will be taught to modify their social media habits as part of their basic training.

We too have a responsible army and an earnest effort need to be undertaken by the Indian army to make sure that a responsible behaviour is not undertaken by the forces personnel on internet. a simple solution for the Indian army would be to ban the usage of these sites but it is not a practical solution. It is education only which can make it happen because if somebody is an unscruplous element, he can perform any illegal activity from anywhere and we definitely do not  have the means to track the footprints. Thus the end result is not to fight the mobile or internet but let every body use the technology with a responsible behaviour. Together we can and we will make India a force to reckon; however it only calls for a responsible behaviour.

A few of the actions which can be taken are:
(a) No email id which provides any forces description.
(b) No userids which have any force description or rank nomenclature.
(c)  No posting of the service personnels images in uniforms.

Security is everybody's concern and thus we all have to be awake to the reality as threat may be anywhere and it will not come announced knocking on the door as it has happened in the video. Do keep on visiting the website which is trying its bit by providing free tips related to stock market to have a responsible investments by the readers. Do share the link
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