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How 3G Technology is Going to Change your Life?

3G DATA TRANSFER SPEEDTo make it simpler for everyone one has to understand the 3G technology which is the latest in mobile communications. Though we are talking of 3G but world is graduating to higher platforms. However better late than never and see the functioning of this technology which is going to change our life style. 3G stands for "third generation". and it uses a software enhancement called High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), which sends data many times faster than current 2G networks. For you, that translates into the freedom to send and receive text, graphics, audio and video content, in 3G coverage areas.

By using the 3G technology, one will be able to the best out of your smartphones as with increased bandwidth and transfer rates you can do almost everything on your mobile which you could only do on a PC or Laptop earlier like video conferencing, receiving streaming video from the web, sending and receiving faxes and instantly downloading e-mail messages with attachments

3G network will allow data transfer at blazing fast speeds. There are currently 3Gphones available ( WCDMA) which will only support maximum speeds of 384Kbps , In order to get the best 3G experience we recommend using phones which are HSPA based .These phones will allow you to experience the real power of 3G allowing speeds which will blow you away  and thus keep this aspect in mind while purchasing the phones. This technology is going to change the life of each one of you including the stock market traders as one will be able to get the best speed and one can have uninterrupted online broking terminals which will run without getting disconnected.

Airtel has unleashed the advertisement  for 3G technology where it is showing that in the world of 3G, one need not be far from their near and dear ones. All those using 3G technology are requested to share their experience related to the best service provider in the segment and this may vary from a state to state. It is very important for an online stock trader to have a fast speed connection for the internet to make money and our tips for indian share market will help you to achieve the same in shortest possible time frame. Now courtesy 3G one will be able to trade without any interruptions on the mobile platform also.

You can find more info related to the share markets of India by searching with the following keywords on the site by using the Google tool as given on the financial blog cum website and do remember to check out the fastest internet connection in the usb segment and make a wise and judicious decision.

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