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Recover Lost Money Plan: Indian Stock Market

Indian-Share-Tips.Com Lost Money Recovery Plan to help Traders Recover their Lost Money in Stock Market A number of traders have lost their money in the market due to trading irrationally and this irrationality in market was guided by a number of poor trading decisions and emotions caused due to wrong advice rendered by their financial advisors or brokers at large or handing over their trading accounts to Relationship Managers of brokerage houses who traded irrationally and caused them heavy monetary losses. We keep on getting a number of requests for helping these traders recover their lost money in stock market and wordings vary and most prominent among the calls is "Can you help me recover my lost money in the market?"

30 days Money Back Guarantee
Thus, this was the genesis of Recover Lost Money Plan where we provide you with a guarantee to recover your lost money with in 6 months subject to capital availability and help you reach top once again in the market. We are so confident, we give every client a 100% risk-free, 30 days money-back Guarantee which comes with First-class Personal service, Precisely targeted tips which comes with real time communication. We want you to win this stock market and thus this plan is customised as per your need as each individual has a different trading capital, losses and risk appetite. Our sole aim is to make your each trade a winning trade and thus it will make winning a second nature for you in the Indian Stock market or Commodity or Forex Market.

Click on Maroon Button i.e. "Pay Online" Button below to Pay in Indian Rupee through Debit Card, Credit Card & Net Banking of any Bank.

Period of Plan Charges Click to Pay  Free Bonus
6 Months Rs 25000
Get Free E-Book Worth $60

Online Transfer is 100% Safe and Secure. We have our Current Accounts in ICICI, Axis, SBI, HDFC, IDBI & Indusind Bank. No Extra Charge for Cash Deposit.

Top 5 Reasons to Join this Service

We are in stock market advisory business since 1990 and we are proud to say that more than 1368 traders have benefitted from this plan as they have not only recovered their lost money but they are also back in market with profit. We are Time Tested in Stock Advisory Services and have raised the bars of results for others to emulate.

ironclad-granteeWe believe that our service is of an exceptional value and you'll be completely satisfied with the reliability and accuracy of our service, and we work very hard to make sure that is true. We want you to be fully satisfied with our service. We provide a 30 days no question asked money back refund and this is backed by our sure shot solid iron clad money back guarantee.

3One can make profitable trades in the present, provided the past in which one has lost money has been healed and same is done at our end by making them gain their calm, composure, confidence and lost money through consecutive successful trades as each individual is considered as a separate entity.
4We want you to win this stock market and thus this plan is customised as per your need as each individual has a different trading capital, losses and risk appetite. Our sole aim is to make your each trade a winning trade and thus it will make winning a second nature for you.

5iso-logoWe are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Tips Providing Research House and we provide you tips in such a manner that you not only eat the fish but also learn the tricks of the trade to catch the fish so that you can eat it for the life time without any individual or agency support.


Q: What are the Charges of the Recover Lost Money Plan?

Ans. The Subscription charges for the paid tips is as listed below:

Period of Plan Rate in Indian Rupee Click to Pay Online
6 Months Rs 25000

Q: How can I make Payment?

Ans. You can make payment by following methods:
(a) Pay with your Debit Card, Credit Card or through Net banking in Indian Rupee through our Payment Gateway Installed on website (Click on “Pay Online” Maroon Colour Button given Above).
(b) Deposit Cash or Cheque in our Bank Accounts and detail of banks account information with IFSC code can be accessed in side bar or by clicking Bank Details here. No extra charge for cash deposit. We have our Current Accounts in ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, SBI, HDFC Bank, IDBI and Indusind Bank.
(c) You can also pay through Paypal which is our international payment gateway.

Recover Lost Money Plan

We are Paypal Verified and Every OnlinePaypal Verified Transactions undertaken through Our Website is 100% Safe as Data is Processed through Secured Payment Gateway in which Data Transmission is Encrypted in 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which provides you the highest level of protection possible whenever you use credit cards or make other financial or confidential transactions over the Internet for us.

Q: How can we obtain these tips?

Ans. You can get these tips by following means:
(a) Access it on the website as the data will be password protected. Password will be provided to you through email or SMS as per your choice.
(b) Tips can be also obtained in the Email.
(c) Tips can be also obtained in the SMS.

Q: Can we not Recover our Lost Money with Jackpot tip?

Ans. Yes, you can recover your lost money with Jackpot tip if your loss is a nominal loss and you have very small capital as in that one gets only one one tip per day and is suitable for all those who want to trade bare minimum. A large loss requires a systematic approach to recover the lost money and that is where Lost Money Recovery plan comes in picture which recovers lost money as per an individual risk profile, capital available and loss suffered.

Q: Which are your other trading plans and services for the stock market?

Ans. You can read about our all available Stock Market Paid Subscription Plans here and you can have a look at Past performance here.

Q: How can we contact you?

Ans. There are 2 ways to contact us :-
(a) If you ever have a question or problem with our service, we always encourage you to let us know so we can help solve that problem. E-mail our support team at Info@Indian-Share-Tips.Com or send your message through contact form.

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