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Stock market trading is a source of wealth building. It's a well known fact that a wise stock tip can upsize your pocket, while a bad one can empty it. We provide NSE and BSE Share tips which are accurate and provides 100% result and same can be attributed to our reliable source of information and expertise in analyzing the Indian stock market, trends and sentiments associated with it. We use reliable information, technical analysis, chart patterns & other resources to come up with best Jackpot tip which works irrespective of the condition of the market. Click on below links for being directed to specified year results for demonstration of the tips given during the said period. Hope the results display will clear the manner in which tips are provided and the way these are executed and definitely it would clear a lot of trading strategies for day traders and investors. We have provided consolidated results for you to get an appraisal of our performance.

If you are looking for the manner in which tips are given with the levels for each stock; than feel free to click on the below blue colour links where certain months calls are given for the traders to make an assessment of our calls and one will realise that our calls perform irrespective of the condition of the market. Do have a look at our free daily tips related to NSE and BSE and if you want to hit bull's eye than Jackpot call is for you which is a paid single call provided every day.

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We believe in multiplying the wealth and that was the reason why Jackpot Tip was launched initially for our High Net worth individuals and NRI clients. Through the Jackpot Tip we have been able to achieve near 100% accuracy by virtue of successful day trading in select stock tips which are based on information provided by sources deemed to be reliable coupled with operator cartel information and lastly the tip being tested on our Technical parameters. Thus a call goes through a rigorous testing procedure before being branded the name as a Jackpot call. Our call has the potential to confirm your profit before you actually enter into trade to avoid risks and losses in day trading. We are the pioneers in the field of providing real calls which have hit Jackpot everyday irrespective of the market direction. The results will speak for themselves. These are aggregated results and each day tip analysis is done in the succeeding day post and published daily for the analysis by readers and subscribers. Though we have compiled results only for a few past months; however this was the first product launched by us for our clients namely HNI and NRI and balance plans followed as per the demand of the customers. One can get complete information about Sure Shot Jackpot Tip and can make daily money as it is not to trade more, but to trade less and accurately to make money daily from the stock market. One can check out our recommended stocks in Jackpot Calls by Clicking the blue links given under each year and can understand the manner in which the tips are given by our research house.

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Consolidated Past Performance JackPot Tip in Single Page

As you will go through the result analysis you will realise that not more than once the stock has hit the stop loss level in a month in Jackpot tip which is our most successful service and yields handsome profit for traders every day. You can check out our Other Plans Past Performance here.

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