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Importance of Long Term Investment : A Personal Story of Becoming Rich by Holding Stock

Infosys is one stock which has been always dear to me as this was the stock which helped me to become multi millionaire from stock market in a single stock sale.

I had a deep interest in stock market and used to invest in thoroughly researched stocks from the beginning of my trading career and found one such gem was Infosys which was undersubscribed and was bailed by Morgan Stanley which picked up 13% of equity at the offer price of Rs. 95 per share. I had also invested in the said stock in IPO and my joy knew no bounds when I found the stock hovering at Rs.145 a share, almost a 60% premium on the day of listing. However I held the stock and avoided taking the short term gains as those days getting a stock in own name was like winning a Jackpot in the market.

It is interesting to note that since listing on the Bombay Stock Exchange till the year 2000, Infosys’ sales and earnings compounded at more than 70% a year.

A detailed analysis for Infosys for stock split and bonus share ratio has been given in the screen shot. One will be able to get answer to queries made on google like Infosys shares bonus, Infosys bonus history, Infosys bonus issue

One will be amazed to note that if one had 100 share in 1993 at IPO bought at Rs. 95 /- the state of investments is as appended below:
(a) Your Total investment in Infosys in 1993– Rs. 9,500/- (100 shares at Rs. 95)
(b) Your Total investment in Infosys as of today i.e year 2009 – 28,51,8400/- (12800 shares at 2228)

Thus the tag line is that if one had invested Rs. 9500 in Infosys in 1993, today you would be sitting on more than 30 crores (including dividends). Thus here comes the importance of investing in stock market and here comes our expertise through delivery stock tips for Indians to multiply their money exponentially.

However I was reluctant to hold the stock so long and undertook the exit in year 2001 at a phenomenal price and became a real multi millionaire on ground, though on paper was a millionaire from the day 1 of the investment in the said stock as I always believed in the fundamentals of the stock.
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