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Cheapest Unlimited GPRS Connection by Aircel in India

Are you searching the net with terms like cheapest GPRS in India or cheapest GPRS in Mumbai or cheapest GPRS in India or cheapest GPRS plan, than you are sure to get an answer for the same in succeeding paras as we keep on updating the content as per the latest plans.

1. If GPRS connection cost is burning a hole in your pocket than one can heave a sigh of relief as Aircel has launched cheapest unlimited GPRS connection in India for Rs 98 per month for prepaid customers and in comparison BSNL unlimited GPRS connection is Rs 199.

2. If you want to use GPRS on daily basis than one can pay Rs 17 per day for unlimited usage. The circles where Aircel is active is Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Himachal pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerela, Kolkatta, North east, orissa, Tamilnadu, UP East, UP West and WestBengal.

3. The speed of connection as experienced on an Apple Iphone while surfing is 80 to 90 kbps speed and 15 to 25 kbp per scond for download. One can say that Aircel is the cheapest and best Internet connection for iPhone.

4. One has to remember that as a day trader one has to cut cost at every level and thus having a cheap internet connection is a must for online trading else it will cause a big financial burden if the plan is not chosen carefully. GPRS connection can be connected to Computer or Laptop through Bluetooth or through a cable.

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Vodafone has come with a USB modem plan where one gets unlimited surfing for 24 hours and same is Rs 299 for a month. A word of caution that certain downloads are chargeable in that scheme. I have been using this continously for past one month, however I have not come across any site where it says that I will be charged for the download. I have shifted to the said USB and find that it is giving a good net connectivity and is better than Reliance normal USB modem where now speed is pathetically low. Well Reliance EVDO is different and is available only in select cities and thus do not confuse the comment for that service as it has a high speed.

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