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How to Make Money from our Stock Tips? | FAQ

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1. Well, this is an explanation to let you all know the method of trading and making money from the stock market. One has to stick to the suggested guidelines in order to increase the bank balance.
(a) One should remember that the tips given are for intra-day trading and one need not hold the stock unless specified. One has to book profit same day only. Remember none has gone broke booking the profit.
(b) Enter in the stock only when the suggested entry price comes and best tip is that in which stock price gradually crosses the entry price.
(c) Book 50% of Profit near First target level.
(d) Lift the stop loss below First target level for balance of 50% position and it becomes a risk free proposition. Remember to square off the balance 50% quantity. However remember that if the equity price does not reaches near the second target throughout the day, than square off between 3.15 pm - 3:30 PM.
(e) As a thumb rule stick to the stop loss and exit the stock, when it breaks the stop loss level. However do not put the stop loss in system at the opening of the market.
(f) It is suggested that one must trade in all the recommendations by dividing equal amount of capital for each tip as all tips are equally valid and have been tested based on technical analysis.
(g) The order of tips given on the site do not represent their priority of trading.
(h) If day open and high are same, than you should not buy stock and vice versa is true for sell calls.
(i) One can let the stock run beyond the projected prices by continous lifting of the stop loss or by using the so called Profit Booking Technique to have maximum gains.

E.g: Buy ACC>680.1,689.5,699 SL 676 means that one has to buy this stock only when it crosses the level of Rs 680.1 and one has to book 50% profit when stock reaches the target of Rs 689.5 which is its first target and one has to lift the stop loss for balance 50% position below first target which can be based on your risk profile. Thus the balance of 50% position is risk free and one can ride the tip for full profit near 2nd target. SL stands for Stop Loss level. Associate with us and we will tell you a strategy which will help you to make continous money from the market and it will hold you in good stead through out your life span as a trader.

Note: Gap up or Gap down stocks best be avoided. Do not trade if stock opening is on upside or downside. Do not buy if day open and day high are same or vice versa for sell call where day open and day low are same. We keep the interest of the subscribers in forefront and their subscription is extended accordingly, in case they are not able to trade.
2. Making money from stock market is an art and our research team at Indian-Share-Tips has perfected the system of producing daily profitable stock tips. Each tip is backed by years off experts experience and solid technical advice. We can assure you that such type of tips is only of its kind available in India, and same will help you to position you among the top few percent of India's best traders on a consistent basis. Our tips do not get triggered when it is not correct to trade as intraday volatility is high in the market. The tips are designed to allow traders to trade only when it is correct to trade.

3. You can subscribe for Best Paid Indian Stock Market Tips here or you can use the Contact Form provided on the top you can send a personalised mail at Info@Indian-Share-Tips.Com. Alternatively, feel free to leave a comment under this post and same will be answered promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to know more about your website ?
A: We have a good track record in recommendations as our recommendations are given post thorough research and our each tip is a culmination of precision. Please read more by clicking on the highlighted links which include information About Us; our Vision and the reasons why our Tips Rock Every Day which make money daily for our subscribers.

Q: I want to have a free Trial?
A: Well, we do not have a provision for free trial as due to large subscriber base; our infrastructure do not permit opening of this avenue. Thus Please excuse for non acceptance of the requests which come with words like " A free trial for a day or one week and they will thereafter subscribe".

Q: Why the name of the tips is not given on the site?
A: As we have said that we are different and we are unlike other tips providing sites in the market. Actually providing the names of the past tips is an injustice to the free info seekers in the stock market as they trade with belated information and thus they end up losing the money as trend changes and same is known only to an expert. The same has been explained with an example of Reliance which shows that how quickly trend changes in the Indian stock market.

Q: How can I make payment ?
A: You can make payment by Credit Card/Debit Card by clicking "Subscribe" button. We accept all Credit Cards and Debit Cards available in India and world wide. Our payment for Credit Card or Debit Card is processed with the most secured platform which is Verisign secured which means that the highest standards of security for cards transaction. Please inform us at Info@Indian-Share-Tips.Com after deposition of the amount.

Q: Will I get recommendations via SMS or by E-Mail ?
Ans: Yes, You can get tips through Email or SMS without paying any extra charge.

Q: Can I do online trading on your website ?
Ans: No,our website provides the tips only. We trade exclusively for NRI/HNIs at our NRI office which is a separate entity.

Q: When do you update Daily Newsletter ?
Ans: We update daily newsletter every day any time after midnight.

Q: What is Intraday in Day Trading?
Ans: Intraday trading means that one has to square up your all position before closing the market. Buy - sell or sell -Buy same day and definitely close by 3:29 PM.

Q: What is your success rate ?
Ans: Our success rate is very high and is almost closing near 100% and detailed Results can be seen at Past Performance for our Services.

Q: Do you give intraday calls?
Ans: Yes, We do provide daily day Trading calls and our Jackpot Tip is the most subscribed service as it is a culmination of information and precision of our technical analysis. Our delivery stock calls is a combination of fundamental research and technical analysis.

Q: Do you give tips in NSE or BSE?
Ans: We recommend tips on securities listed on NSE and FUTURES only.

Q: How much capital is required for starting with the services?
Ans: You can start with the capital of Rs. 10,000/- also & Rs.5,00,000 also, it is up to you. One can trade with margin money for our Jackpot tip. Thus even if you have you have Rs 10,000; still you can trade the Jackpot tip courtesy Margin money extended to you by your broker.

Q : Do you give calls with technical research?
Ans : Yes, our tips are given after thorough technical analysis.

Q: How much time you give for Delivery stock calls target to achieve ?
Ans: The minimum period is 7 days and maximum period is nine months. We provide targets of around 40%-50% for delivery stock tips from recommended price to achieve in three months to nine months time frame. However in case of bull run or uptrend in stock market, targets can be achieved very soon too. Generally our tips start giving substantial profit wef 7th day itself and one can even day trade in those calls.

Q: Can I expect 100% return on my investment in one year?
Ans. Yes, you may get this return; however for that one has to exercise a lot of control over their greed and fear. One has to have faith in our system and trade on it. One has to just understand that to get a good return the market need not go up only as even a falling market provides good return and we help you to make money from both type of markets.

Q. Can your site really help me to make money?
Ans. Yes, Certainly help you. But only if we both understand each others needs and we will help you to understand our trading tips and services and you help us to understand your requirements which will enable us to guide you to choose the best plan which will make money for you in the market. Then positive results are in offing as we will be controlling the emotion factors namely fear & greed.

Q: Do you give stop loss or not ?
Ans: Yes, we provide stop loss with every tip given by us. Once you associate with us we will tell you an innovative method of using stop loss which will ensure Profit for the traders always and every time and people will stop being afraid of stop loss.

Q. Do you Provide an entry & exit level?Ans. Yes, we provide the entry & exit levels.

Q : Can we call you for any queries?
Ans : Yes. You can call us for any queries at the given phone numbers. You can ask any question any time on phone or through E-mail or SMS. We will guide you. As a subscriber we will also help you to answer your other trade queries too. We believe that each one off you who associates with us should be able to make money and be able to let the world know about high standards of the services which has raised the benchmark in the field of stock market tips provision for other service providers.

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