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Our Vision for Dream Project: Indian-Share-Tips.Com

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We take the opportunity to update you about our dream project Indian-Share-Tips.Com which has been designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of day traders & Long term investors through our daily intraday trading, swing or delivery, future and option tips.

We are India’s most trusted stock tips provider and this in turn has helped us to serve a vast trading fraternity. We have always anticipated the needs of our clients and have served their needs through an emphasis on product and service innovation, electronic systems development and global presence. We have always worked to provide a challenging and professional work environment which has helped our employees to have access to latest technology which in turn has helped them to provide the best stock tips to our trading fraternity which produces profit every day. The quality of the tips has been tested against time and readers have voted it as best unbiased, researched and hot intraday stock tips which perform every day.

The tips are even being followed by brokers at National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and they are even recommending the tips to their clients. We have tried to cover every thing under the finance and investment horizon in an analytical manner by providing reliable shares analysis, recommendations, quotes, bazaar research, equity news, calls for Dalal Street, investment advice for IPO, long term investor strategies, commodity tips, Forex tips, Futures, Options, F&O and puts & calls strategies etc.

2. In below subsequent paragraphs we enshrine our vision for helping our readers achieve the Financial Freedom.

Our Motto

To Provide Quality Tips which will enable a Reader to Gain Financially.

Our Purpose

Readers should Gain Financially & Intellectually.

Our Advice

Tips be followed if you have faith in our tips providing capability.

Ultimate Goal

To Ensure Financial Freedom of our Readers. When we say 'Financial Freedom' it means that one can walk into any top class showroom say a watch showroom and tell the dealer to show him the costliest watch and when he makes a quote of say Rs 75,000/- for the watch; one should be able to comment that if he does not have a costlier watch or a better watch than the watch being shown.

3. Finally, we thank all the readers for taking the time to visit this Financial blog cum website and be sure to check back archives for articles and links for other useful tips that will help!!

4. Of course, We would love to find out what You Think as well, so Make Sure to Comment or make a Suggestion as this is your site. You can Subscribe to get Free Email Updates also for which the link is provided on the home page or you can check our Paid Services and be ahead of the others in the stock market.

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We Teach and Train our Readers as we want to make sure that Readers become thorough professionals. We do not provide any stock tips. Please do not make any payments. Your joining or reading content is subject to acceptance of our terms and Disclaimer for which link is given on the site at bottom right hand corner. Wherever the word tip is written; it implies an idea which is of informational value and is not suitable for trading. Trade ideas if any are for educational purpose only. We are conducting Seminars to make Professional Traders. Join Now for Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Leave query through contact form.
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