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Astrology and Gems to Bring Good Luck in Stock Market

1. Astrology and gemology plays a key component in bringing good fortune in stock market and thus one must consult an astrologer to bring good luck and to strengthen the weak planets. I have faith in this field because sun and moon brings tides in a sea by its sheer force; similarly body is also 90% water and thus these planets do affect our body and thus our stock market trading decisions.

2. I will explain the same with photographs to avoid getting confused regarding the gems to be worn and the mantra to be recited. I will start with explaining the fingers as specific finger is for specific gem. Each of the fingers has unique cultural and functional significance. From the thumb on the radial side to the ulnar side of the hand, the fingers are in this order:

(a) Thumb
(b) Index finger, also called 'pointer finger', or 'forefinger'
(c) Middle finger, the longest
(d) Ring finger, also known as fourth finger
(e) Little finger, also known as 'pinky

3. Any expensive gem is a piece of worthless coloured stone if it is not paid adequate respect and thus must be worn post correct  rituals. The ring with the gemstone be kept immersed in fresh milk preferably non boiled and cow fresh milk. Avoid pasteurized milk. The ring should be worn in the first hour after the sunrise and it should be worn on the day of the week belonging to the planet, e.g. Ruby should be worn on Sunday, Neelam on Saturday, diamond on Friday, Gomeda (Rahu’s gemstone) be worn on a Wednesday and Cat’s eye (Ketu’s stone) should be worn on Thursdays. The mantra of the planetary deity should be chanted 108 times and the ring should then be worn.


Planet NameMantra (Sanskrit)Transliteration
Sunॐ घृणिः सूर्याय नमः||om grunih suryaay namah
Moon   ॐ सोम सोमाय नमः||    om som somaay namah
Mars       ॐ अं अंगार्काय नमः || om am angaarkaay namah
Mercury      ॐ बुम बुधाय नमः ||om bum budhaay namah
Jupiter   ॐ वृम वृहस्पतये नमः ||    om vrim vrihaspataye namah
Venus      ॐ शुम शुक्राय नमः ||om shum shukraay namah
Saturn ॐ शम शनैश्चाराय नमः ||    om sham shanaishcharaay namah
Rahu     ॐ राम राहुवे नमः ||  om raam raahuve namah
Ketu       ॐ कें केतवे नमः ||om kem ketave naham


Stone WeightWear in…
Sun    Ruby (Maanik)    2 Carats  Gold, in ring finger
Moon         Pearl (Moti)2 Carats   Silver, in ring finger
Mars          Red Coral (Munga)  3 CaratsGold (pref. 18 carat) or Silver, in ring finger
Mercury       Emerald (Panna) 1.5 carats     Gold, in ring or little finger
Jupiter        Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)   2 carats  Gold, in index finger
Venus         Diamond (Heera)   1 carat Gold or silver in middle finger
Saturn      Blue Sapphire (Neelam)2 carats Gold, in middle finger
Rahu          Garnet(Gomed) 3 caratsGold or Silver, in middle finger
Ketu      Cat’s eye (Lahsuniya) 3 carats   Gold, in middle finger


4.  In this post I will specifically discuss about diamond. Specific details about the diamond to be worn are listed below:
(a) It should at least be 1 carat in size
(b) It should be set in gold or white gold.
(c) It should be worn on the middle finger of the left or right hand.

5. Diamond should be worn first on a Friday during the 1st hour from sunrise, when the Moon is in Shukla Paksha or waxing, and Venus or Sukra occupies its house of exaltation, Meena or is in Vrishabha or Thula or in friendly signs, and not conjunct or strongly expected by malefic. One can wear clear Zircon as a substitute for a diamond.

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