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18 Trading Champions Secret to Top Trading Profit: Great Traders Experience

1. Have you heard of the names of successful investors like George Angelle, Jake Bernsteingn, Tom Bierovic, Walter Bressert and Tom Demark. Frankly speaking I had not heard till the time I had not read this book during my trip abroad and it speaks of the success of the world best 20 traders and in this list am not including the names of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch or Rakesh Jhunjhunwala etc. This list speaks of the traders like George Angelle, Jake Bernsteingn, Tom Bierovic, Walter Bressert and Tom Demark who have risen by their self resilience and a retail investor can see them as their role models. I will try to give you the gist of their expertise and advice for the traders, so that we can all make money by learning from their experience in the stock market.

2. George Angelle feels that one can use action points instead of stop loss as a stop loss makes an individual to exit the market at the worst point and whole market is out to make the weak hands hit the stop loss and exit with a loss. He further feels that future traders fail due to lack of discipline, being under financed. His advice to beginners is to be well enough financed with risk capital which one can afford to lose.

3. Jake Bernsteingn feels that a new trader needs to diversify and can trade for big moves and also need to manage risk. One can simply say that do not think about the money and money will take care of itself.

4. Tom Bierovic feels that all the fundamentals are factored in the price and thus one can safely trade as per the technical analysis and he deliberately avoids trying to find the fundamentals. He has his all rules written down carefully. He tries to be right 40% time with 2:1 risk to reward ratio. He takes profit as market generally takes the profit 9 out of 10 times and if one takes profit one definitely gets a chance to reenter in the market. He feels that the technical analysis works perfectly in a liquid market as technical analysis is a mirror image of fear and greed of the masses. His advice for novice traders
is to keep the losses small and do not get excited with winning trades and also do not get despondent with a losing trade.

5. Walter Bressert trades with the trend and he advises to buy in the dips when trend is up and sell in rallies when trend is down. He further advises to anticipate the trend reversal. He advises new commodity traders to perform their homework before venturing in the commodity market to avoid losing.

6. Tom Demark believes in market timing and suggests that one has to identify contra trend, anti trend, pattern recognition and price exhaustion. He believes money management and discipline holds key to making money instead of solely relying on a system.

7. There are another 13 more successful investors and thus do read the balance Successful Stock Investor Tips here to make money from the market.

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