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Imp info about your Axis Bank Credit Card

Axis Bank has circulated an email which lists certain requirements to be implemented for your credit card and the email is listed below for all the users who might have had missed reading the same:

All online transactions made with your Axis Bank Credit Card are secured by a 2-factor authentication process using the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code facility. The Reserve Bank of India has made it mandatory for all Banks to introduce a similar layer of security for all Card-Not-Present transactions such as Standing Instructions and MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order).

Axis bank is in the process of implementing these guidelines. In the interim period however, the transaction alerts for such transactions will be intimated through a separate SMS with text as below :-

"Transaction of Rs. xxx.xx on Axis Bank Credit Card X1231 was approved on dd/mm/yy. This was without an additional factor of authentication as mandated by RBI"

For your reference, given below are some examples of transactions that will be covered by the above :-
•  Standing Instructions for bill payments
• Magazine and other subscriptions, where you share your Credit Card details in the subscription form

Please note that the transactions will continue to be processed by Axis Bank as is being done currently.  This is only for your information and you need not contact the bank about the same.

Hope the above information will be of a great use for you to manage your plastic money effectively as it requires a lot of planning and deliberation to get the bets from your credit card without falling into a debt trap. Do remember to check our daily sure tip of the day and make money like professionals in the market.

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